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RETROSPECTIVE 2015 - Investments in REAL ESTATE (residential and office space) which attracted most eKapija's readers attention

The eKapija investment team has recently donean analysis and made a ranking list of investments and investment ideas that attractedthe most attention of eKapija users in 2015. The results are very interesting,some are expected, but there is a plenty of surprises, which is why we havedecided to share this information with you.

We are presenting you the most interestingprojects in REAL ESTATE CATEGORY.

Scope of investing in real estate at SEE marketreached a record high level in2015, and the investment wave transferred also to Serbia. After a period of decreasedconstruction activity, the offer of residential and office space in Belgrade in2015 significantly expanded through the opening of new offices.

Trend of demand formodern residential and office space continued in 2015. The list of projectswhich respond to these market requests distinguishes residential and office complex BelgradeWaterfront whose construction officially started September 27, 2015.

The news featured Serbian real estate marketand was the first-ranked atour list of investments. Let us remind, contract between the Government of Serbia and UAE-based Eagle Hills on joint venture in Belgrade Waterfrontwas signed April 26, 2015.

The most important partwithin Belgrade Waterfront will be the Tower Belgrade, app. 200 m high andconstruction of shopping mall with gross construction area of some 140.000 m2is planned.

In September 2015, Starwood Hotels&Resorts Worldwide published agreement with Belgrade Waterfront with respect to construction of the WBelgrade hotel as well as BW Residences residential area.

The offer of modern office space in Belgrade was refreshed with New Mill office building, whichis the second-ranked at our list.

The facility is near the Radisson Blu Old Mill hotel, and they create the Old mill complex.

Serbian real estatemarket in 2015 was featured with ambitious projects as well as sustainableconstruction trend. News on construction of environmentallysustainable Sirius Offices businessoffice in Novi Beograd is the third-ranked.

Leading idea of Sirius Offices isenvironmental sustainability so the complex will be built in line with BREEAMcertification and will be featured with high energy efficient cooling andheating energy consumption. During construction, recycling materials will beused and contractor is Strabag construction concern.

The fourth-ranked is the newson investment of local company, Delta Holding, which announced construction of new office building in Novi Beograd.

Delta Holding will pour EUR 25 m in its newheadquarter building and it will be located next to the Crown Plaza hotel. Thisproject is a part of an investment cycle of Delta Holding which comprises construction of long-awaited shopping mallDelta planet.

The fifth-ranked is residential- business complex Central Garden in Palilula, whose construction started in February 2015 . The investors, Afi Europe and Shikun &Binui Group from Israel in the next five years are planning to build a moderncomplex on 100.000 m2, which will comprise seven residential units, retailarea, private park, business tower and underground garage on two level.

The sixth-ranked went to another business complex which MPCProperties will pour over EUR 20 m. It is the Navigator Business Center project in Bulevar Milutina Milankovica in Novi Beograd.

Navigator Business Center will occupy 22.000 m2, and businessmen and companies will be able to pick up office space from 285 to 1.730 m2.

The news that Belgrade’s municipality Vozdovac could get a new residential block, is theseventh-ranked.

In order to open a new residentialsettlement between Zarkovo and Zeleznik, the Assembly of Belgrade defined the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for neighborhoods Savka and Jezerska terasa in Cukarica, and that news ranks eighth.

Apart from greenbuilding and multi functional facilities, Serbian real estate market and modernarchitecture solutions, Business complex in Belgrade are becoming symbols ofthe city and entire country and one of the projects is definitely announced business and hotel tower in West65 neighborhood. The project is ninth-ranked in our investment list.
The tenth position went to one of the biggest investors at local realestate market. It is the Globe Trade Centre S.A." (GTC), which in 2015 opened its fourth complex in Belgrade and the first building FortyOnebusiness complex.

GTC Srbija has been at the market since 2003and it is known for quality business facilities which some of the biggest localand foreign companies use.

Further on, our list comprises construction of the environmental settlement Jelena Anzujska in Zlatibor. The investor, Novi Sad-based Inobackaannounced that it will pour EUR 7 m in the project.

The list of the bestreaders comprises also Afi Europe and Tidhar which in June 2015 started construction of the fourth stage within Novi Beograd-basedAirport City.

News about the construction of residential settlement in Zemun at the location ofAleksa Dundic settlement is the next. Thelist comprises announcement of Delta Holding in the center of Leskovac that it is planning toconstruct residential and office complex on 6.110 m2.

The news in real estate category which alsoattracted attention is also construction of the multifunctional complexNovi Nis, which American Clean Earth Capital announced. Readers’attention also went to Austrian Soravia which is considering purchase of BIGZ building in Belgrade. It is followed by Galens invest which is planning construction of office and residential building in Novi Sad.

During the last year, BK Group was also infocus with presentation of Tesla City, and readers arealso interested in the Blumen apartmani in the center of Belgrade, of which investor is Blumen investments.

(Photo: Saint Gobain Rigips Trophy 2013)
Scientificand technological park (NTP) Beograd was officially opened September 14, 2015.

Take a look at thecomplete list of investments in the category of REAL ESTATE and see to what extent it matches your own thoughts,appraisals and estimates.

And one more thing- Haveyou already seen which projects attracted the most attention of eKapija readersin categories TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND IT, HEALTH CARE, TOURISM, ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION , TRANSPORTATION, ENERGY, SHOPPING MALLS, SPORT and INDUSTRY.

Companies: Beograd
Beograd na vodi d.o.o. Beograd
Eagle Hills Properties Beograd
Grad Beograd
Emaar Properties Dubai
Ministarstvo građevinarstva, saobraćaja i infrastrukture Republike Srbije
Vlada Republike Srbije Beograd
Energoprojekt Holding a.d. Beograd
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Stamford
Soravia Management d.o.o. Beograd
Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad
EBRD Evropska banka za obnovu i razvoj
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade
STRABAG d.o.o.
Immorent Singidunum Beograd
Delta Holding d.o.o. Beograd
Delta Real Estate d.o.o. Beograd
Delta Agrar d.o.o. Beograd
The Fun and Fit Company doo
Hotel Crowne plaza Beograd
AFI Europe Amsterdam
Direct capital s d.o.o. Beograd
Shikun Binui Group
CBS International Beograd
Ambasada Izraela Beograd
Balkans Real Estate d.o.o. Beograd
Energogroup d.o.o. Beograd
Confluence property management d.o.o. Beograd
A.D. Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd
Gradska opština Voždovac
Opština Čukarica Beograd
WEST 65 Beograd
PSP Farman Beograd
PFB properties Beograd
Addiko bank ad Beograd
GTC Srbija
Ministarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije
Inobačka d.o.o. Novi Sad
Airport City Beograd
Građevinska direkcija Srbije d.o.o. Beograd
Clean Earth Capital Serbia
Ambasada SAD Beograd
Grad Niš
BIGZ Grafičko društvo a.d. Beograd
BK Group d.o.o. Beograd
Poslovno tehnološki inkubator tehničkih fakulteta d.o.o. Beograd
Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd
Univerzitet u Beogradu
eKapija restrospektiva
eKapija retrospektiva 2015
retrospektiva nekretnine
retrospektiva nekretnine 2015
investicije u nekretnine
Eagle Hills Properties Beograd
Emaar Properties Dubai
Energoprojekt Beograd
Starwoods Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc
W Hotel
BW Residences
arapski investitori u Beogradu
prodaja stanova u Beogradu na vodi
stanovi u Beogradu na vodi
Kula Beograd
izgradnja Beograda na vodi
New Mill
poslovna zgrada New Mill Beograd
Soravia management Beograd
Erste Bank Novi Sad
Evropska banka za obnovu i razvoj
hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill Beograd
hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill Belgrade
Stari mlin
tržište nekretnina 2015
stambeni prostor
poslovni prostor
kancelarijski prostor
održiva gradnja
ekološki efikasne nekretnine
poslovni kompleks Sirius Offices Novi Beograd
Sirius Offices
Erste Group
Strabag doo Beograd
Immorent Singidunum Beograd
poslovni prostor Novi Beograd
kancelarije Novi Beograd
poslovna zona Novi Beograd
Bulevar Milutina Milanovića Novi Beograd
Ulica antifašističke borbe Novi Beograd
BREEAM sertifikacija
Delta Planet Beograd
Hotel Crowne Plaza Beograd
Hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade
Delta Holding poslovna zgrada
Central Garden Beograd
stambeno poslovni kompleks Central Garden
Afi Europe
Shikun & Binui Group
CBRE Srbija
kondominijum Central Garden
kupovina stanova u Beogradu
moderni stanovi u Beogradu
novogradnja Beograd
izraelske investicije u Srbiji
Navigator Business Centar Beograd
poslovni centar Navigator
Balkans Real Estate
poslovni objekti A klase
LEED sertifikacija
LEED standardi
Čang Sing Mo
Vila Banjica Voždovac
naselje Rasadnik Voždovac
naselje Savska
naselje Jezerska terasa
objekti javne namene
gradske pijace
komercijalne zone
Bele vode
Čitački potok
naselje West 65 Novi Beograd
West 65 Beograd
PFB Properties
izgradnja kule u kompleksu West 65
izgradnja poslovne kule u Beogradu
Branko Trkulja
Ulica Omladinskih brigada
Globe Trade Centre SA
GTC Srbija
FortyOne Beograd
kompleks FortyOne Beograd
nastavak izgradnje kompleksa FortyOne
GTC u Srbiji
izgradnja ekološkog naselja Jelena Anžujska
ekološko naselje Jelena Anžujska Zlatibor
Inobačka Novi Sad
Airport City
kasarna Aleksa Dundić
kompleks Novi Niš
BIGZ Beograd
zgrada BIGZA
Blumen apartmani Beograd
Blumen Investments
BK Group
Tesla City
Tesla City Beograd
Naučno tehnološki park Zvezdara Beograd
Centar za transfter tehnologije Univerziteta u Beogradu
Poslovno tehnološki inkubator tehničkih fakulteta Beograd
ulaganja u nauku
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