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SALE OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY expires: Thu 15/03/2018 | published: Fri 23/02/2018 BUSINESS SPACE IN KO ČAČAK- Raiffeisenbank JS Belgrade
AUCTION FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY (OBJECTS AND LAND) NIS JS NOVI SAD A-002/2018 expires: Fri 23/03/2018 | published: Fri 23/02/2018 NIS JS Novi Sad
SALE OF CONSTRUCTION LAND IN THE PUBLIC OWNERSHIP WITH A GOAL OF CONSTRUCTION expires: Mon 26/03/2018 | published: Thu 22/02/2018 City of Šabac
PUBLIC CALL FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY IN BELGRADE expires: Tue 13/03/2018 | published: Wed 21/02/2018 APARTMENT IN MARŠALA BIRJUZOVA STREET IN KO STARI GRAD- Investment- Development Bank of the Republic Srpska JS Banja Luka
EXPROPRIATION OF IMMOVABLE ASSETS IN PUBLIC PROPERTY-PARCEL IN KO PUKOVAC expires: Thu 08/03/2018 | published: Tue 06/02/2018 Doljevac Municipality