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Co-financing projects / programs of public interest realized by churches and religious communities in 2019 expires: Tue 02/04/2019 | published: Mon 18/03/2019 Municipality of Lazarevac
Public competition for funding / co-financing projects in culture in 2019 expires: Tue 16/04/2019 | published: Mon 18/03/2019 Municipality of Kanjiža
Public call for grants under the program of support to small enterprises for procurement of equipment in 2019 expires: Tue 31/12/2019 | published: Thu 14/03/2019 Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia
Public competition for financing / co-financing sports needs in the Municipality of Vladimirci for 2019 expires: Fri 22/03/2019 | published: Thu 14/03/2019 Municipality of Vladimirci
Competition for co-financing projects in the field of culture for 2019 expires: Fri 29/03/2019 | published: Thu 14/03/2019 Municipality Bogatić