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Public competition for determining the categorization of sports organizations based in the Municipality of Despotovac expires: Wed 30/01/2019 | published: Thu 17/01/2019 Despotovac Municipality
Awarding of money prizes in the field of sports expires: Thu 14/02/2019 | published: Wed 16/01/2019 City of Čačak
Public competition for financing projects in culture for 2019 expires: Tue 30/04/2019 | published: Tue 15/01/2019 City of Pirot
Public competition for financing and co-financing projects in the field of culture for 2019 expires: Mon 11/02/2019 | published: Tue 15/01/2019 Vranje City
Public competition for financing or co-financing procurement of medical and non-medical equipment to health institutions in 2019 expires: Wed 30/01/2019 | published: Tue 15/01/2019 Provincial Secretariat for Health Novi Sad