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PUBLIC CALL FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM OF SUPPORT TO SECTORS OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY expires: Mon 31/12/2018 | published: Wed 25/04/2018 Development Agency of Serbia
DEVELOPMENT OF SECOND BIENNIAL UPDATE REPORT AND THIRD NATIONAL COMMUNICATION, UNFCCC REPORTS, RFP 524 expires: Fri 11/05/2018 | published: Wed 25/04/2018 United Nations Development Programme- UNDP Belgrade
POLICY AND LEGAL ADVICE CENTER EUROPEAID/139295/DH/SER/RS expires: Mon 28/05/2018 | published: Tue 24/04/2018 Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia Belgrade
COMPETITION- EARTH PLANET DAY expires: Thu 31/05/2018 | published: Mon 23/04/2018 Municipality of Bačka Topola
PUBLIC COMPETITION FOR FINANCING AND CO FINANCING PROJECTS IN CULTURE FOR 2018 expires: Wed 16/05/2018 | published: Mon 16/04/2018 Municipality of Kula
COMPETITION FOR CHURCHES AND RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES expires: Thu 03/05/2018 | published: Mon 16/04/2018 Vranje City