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The Western Balkans is becoming an increasingly important logistics center

Nothing will ever be the same again - said one of the interlocutors of this newsletter, referring to the challenges faced by the global transport and logistics industry. And there are many of them, from disruptions in supply chains, through security cyber threats, to increasingly strict environmental regulations and the current labor shortage that has been going on for years. Political

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The world that fears summer

Are you looking forward to the summer? Behind us are the hottest January and March in the history of measurements, in April summer and winter alternated, so if you fear the coming summer and new temperature records that will be broken, you are not the only one. In a world facing the devastating consequences of climate change, environmental degradation and increasingly pronounced environmental

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Potentials of the region and how to use them

The statistics are clear – an increasing number of tourists is visiting Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For example, Serbia was visited by 230% more Chinese tourists than in 2022, there were 13.7% more overnight stays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro stands out as one of the countries with one of the biggest increases in tourism revenues. The potentials of all three

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How can we use digitization and change the game in the region?

The Western Balkans, as the area in which Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) are, is lagging behind the European Union countries when it comes to digital transformation. Namely, according to the DESI (Digital Economy Society Index) report, only 35% of citizens from our area possessed at least basic digital skills in 2021, while in the EU that average was almost 54%.

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The region follows world construction trends

Housing prices in the Eurozone could fall chaotically, since apartments are becoming unaffordable to citizens and unattractive to investors due to high interest rates, the European Central Bank warned at the end of May. The latest data from Eurostat show that residential real estate in the Eurozone was 1.7% cheaper in the second quarter than in the previous year. What`s it like in the region? The

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The space as an inspiration

In recent years, interior and exterior design concepts have noticeably jumped out of established frameworks. The spaces in which we live and work are becoming "open concept". We work in the living rooms and bedrooms, and play darts and table football in the offices. Borders are slowly being erased. Apartments, especially in big cities, are getting smaller, and the challenges for interior

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