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Special Edition Newsletter “Transport and Logistics – Faster, Farther and Cheaper by Land, Water and Air” on November 26 on eKapija

The first rail cargo line between Serbia and China was established in late September. The opening of this cargo line will enable companies from Serbia and the region to export their goods to the Chinese market, but also to import the goods they need from China.

In the first half of the current year, 6.28 million tons of cargo was reloaded at ports in Serbia, a growth by 14% compared to the first half of 2018. Considering that it has been announced that over EUR 200 million will be invested in water transport in the next five years, the share of water transport in the total transport of good is expected to double.

Serbia is soon to enter a new investment cycle, and the majority of the funds are meant for infrastructure projects. Investments in road and rail infrastructure are certainly good news for forwarders and logistics companies. Considering that several important traffic routes have opened in 2019 and that the construction of new ones has been announced, we can conclude that better conditions mean more work for companies from this field. Also, since 2000, around a million square meters of logistics and storage and production facilities have been built in Serbia, and the market still has potential for growth.

How will the already initiated projects and announced investments influence the market of transport and logistics in Serbia? What are the trends and the challenges and what does sustainability mean in these fields? To what extent are innovation technologies represented in the sectors of transport and logistics?

These and many other questions about the current project, the current state and the potentials for further growth are the topic of our new Special Edition Newsletter, “Transport and Logistics – Faster, Farther and Cheaper by Land, Water and Air”.

We will talk to all relevant people from this field – from state structures, civil engineering companies, producers of transport vehicles, equipment and signalization, through investors, to traffic and transport experts.

The Special Edition Newsletter “Transport and Logistics – Faster, Farther and Cheaper by Land, Water and Air” is an ideal place for you to recommend your company, services or products which could contribute to enhancing this area.

We invite you to join us. Write at or if you want to be part of our Special Edition Newsletter and make sure to send us your recommendations and suggestions so that we could present the topic as well as possible.

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