Source: RTS | Monday, 04.11.2019.| 11:50
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Nis Airport to get new 35-m tower in 2021 – Contractor to be selected next year

(Photo: Nixy Jungle/Shutterstock)
The construction of a new control tower in Nis is expected in 2021. The tower will be 35 meters tall, and the full modernization of the airport will cost EUR 8 million.

– The procurement of land for the construction of the tower and an alternative control flight center is in progress. The designing and the selection of the contractor will take place in 2020, and the construction is scheduled for 2021. Moving to new premises will be accompanied with the arrival of new equipment as well, which will help us follow the increasing volume of traffic at the Nis Airport and reduce the workload for the flight control – explains Predrag Jovanovic, the director of the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA), which covers the airspace of both countries, the Adriatic Sea and 55% of the space of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The flight control at the Constantine the Great airport in Nis has been working under temporary conditions since the NATO bombing in 1999. The equipment meets all the needs of the military and civil air traffic, but it requires modernization, the SMATSA says.

The modest control tower in Nis follows the activities on both the military and the civil airport.

– This is a record-breaking year for us, for the simple reason that, in mid-July, Air Serbia opened 12 new lines, which practically doubled our activities – says Slavisa Savic, a control flight instructor.

The control tower building in Nis was demolished during the bombing as it was located in the military part of the Nis Airport. After the bombing, the current one was built and was meant to be a temporary solution.
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