Source: Press | Monday, 13.06.2011.| 11:32
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Palma sells pebbles for RSD 100 a piece - New souvenir from Jagodina

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Jagodina Mayor Dragan Markovic Palma yesterday promoted a new, unusual tourist souvenir - a lacquered pebble from the Morava river with a bow.

- I saw at a market in Greece a bag with pebbles from Spain costing EUR 1.20. While I was on my way back to Jagodina, I told my associates to go to the Morava river and collect some rocks, have them lacquered and write messages for children on them. We then had them packed nicely and started selling pebbles from the Morava at the price of RSD 100 a piece - said Markovic.

In the background of his act is a message for the Serbian government to stop importing potato, beans, apples... all the things we already produce in Serbia.

- In this way I criticize those who threaten that Serbia will start importing meat next year. They say we will have a problem with young beef and milk. Jagodina will not experience that problem because we will be delivered 210 in-calf heifers in 47 days, which will be distributed among our agricultural manufacturers - Palma explained.

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