Source: eKapija | Thursday, 14.04.2016.| 14:44
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Sustainable partnership in aluminum architecture solutions - Reynaers Aluminium presents Master Line 8 unique doors and windows system (PHOTO)

Last week, the European leader in development of innovative and sustainable solutions in aluminum for windows, doors, facades and sliding systems, Belgian Reynaers Aluminium, presented in Belgrade, a new system of "Master Line 8 " - a revolutionary platform that allows users to absolute freedom and access the latest trends in the construction industry .

These are unique systems for windows and doors which combines unlimited design options with first-class performance, energy efficiency and production speed.

- "Master Line 8 " stands out from all products at our market - Sasa Sretenovic , head of Reynaers Aluminium for Serbia says for eKapija .

- Clients have at their disposal a wide range of design that fits into all styles of architecture, while ensuring at the same time a high level of sound and air insulation and water permeability. In addition, clients can now, without any pressure, offer windows 2.8 m high, which has so far been a challenge primarily due to glass height.Different, high insulation levels can be achieved by integrating new and smart materials and the product was featured as “win win” situation for everyone – architects, contractors and end users during noted and interactive presentation. - The end user was our primary objective and through this system, it gets a long life of the product which is reliable and energy efficient. As for production process, it is now far simpler so clients no longer have so many challenges in terms of the number of items they need while architects get flexibility in design that offers a wide range of solutions - Sretenovic said.

Reynaers Aluminium is celebrating 8 years of operations in Serbia , and during that time, they covered the whole region and so the presentation of the new system was attended by partners from Rijeka , Osijek , Skopje , etc. During the previous years, the company was engaged in construction of a large number of facilities: of cultural, sports , tourism , residential facilities and private villas, etc.

- With respect to the situation of the construction industry, I think the number is impressive. Clients can always expect good support from us, good product, communication, and final customers can expect payable and half million secured guarantee. We are planning a number of innovative solutions we work on every day. We have already had a range of sliding walls currently among the best at the market , sliding walls that can cover even height of 4m, then a fantastic range of windows and doors which now " Mater Line 8 " will complement further, we enable clients greater flexibility with facades , element façades , and many other things - Sretenovic said.

The presentation of the "Master Line 8 " new system at Belgrade's hotel " Holiday Inn " was attended by ambassador of Kingdom of Belgium in Serbia Leo D' Aes , who welcomed all guests , as well as the regional company head , Albertas Jerusevicius , who outlined the importance of the region and announced further investments .

- Tonight, we want to show we are not only a good team but also a great partner and we will continue to improve our work, products and to be as innovative as possible.

At this moment , as Sretenovic outlined , Reynaers is engaged in the works at an early stage in the "Belgrade Office Par " at " West 65 " , in Croatia at the Padova hotel at Rab island and they have been involved in the number of projects abroad.


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