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Redesigned Gmail gets new Offline mode

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In mid-April, Google started a substantial redesign of its electronic mail service – Gmail.

In addition to a more modern user interface, the new Gmail also has some new options, such as the Snooze feature and sending self-destructing messages and smart replies.

Last week, Google also provided Gmail users with an improved Offline mode. It did exist before, but it was more complicated to use, as it required the downloading of a Chrome extension. The new Offline mode is already built into Gmail and available without the need to download any add-ons.

One of the prerequisites for its usage is to have a version of Chrome no earlier than 61, while the latest version (currently 66) is recommended.

The second requirement is for users to switch on the Offline mode themselves, as it is not a default setting.

The final step is to choose how long you want Gmail to store your messages offline. For now, Google offers three options – 7, 30 and 90 days.

Prior to the activation of the Offline mode, Google requires you to choose what happens to your data when you log off from your Google account. You can choose to either delete or keep the data.

The electronic mail sent while in the Offline mode will be stored in the Outbox folder and remain there until an internet connection is established.

More detailed instructions about how to switch on and set up the Offline mode can be found on Google's web pages.
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