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ISTIČE: 20.10.2020.

Rehabilitation and construction of the Bulk and General Cargo Terminal of the Port of Smederevo

European Investment Bank

Serbia-Belgrade: EIB -Rehabilitation and construction of the Bulk and General Cargo Terminal of thePort of Smederevo

2020/S 131-320357

City of Smederevo, Republic ofSerbia

Works Contract Notice

1.Publication reference




3.Programme title

Serbian Inland WaterwayInfrastructure Project


Loan of the European InvestmentBank — EIB 50 % and the National Budget of the Republic of Serbia 50 %

5.Contracting authority

Ministry of Construction,Transport and Infrastructure Nemanjina 22-26, 11000 Belgrade, REPUBLIC ofSERBIA Tel.: +381 11 362 8874; Fax: +381 11 3616360

Contract specifications

6.Description of the contract

Rehabilitation of the existingport area and quay of approximately 3.8 ha and 170 m respectively; constructionof new part of the port terminal for bulk and general cargo of an area ofapproximately 21 ha and a quay in length of approximately 670 m. The worksinclude the access road and port infrastructure and utilities (internal roadsand railways, water supply, power supply). The existing port facilities shallbe operational during the Works. The contract will be managed according to theFIDIC conditions of contract for construction for building and engineeringworks designed by the employer (FIDIC RED Book, First Edition 1999).

7.Number and titles of lots

One lot

Terms of participation

8.Eligibility and rules of origin

Firms originating from allcountries are eligible to tender.

9.Grounds for exclusion

Tenderers must submit:
(i) a signed declaration, included in the tender form (Annex 1a) for a workscontract, to the effect that they are not in any of the situations listed inSection of the practical Guide;
(ii) the signed covenant of integrity of the EIB included in the tender form(Annex 1b); and
(iii) the signed environmental and social covenant of the EIB.

10.Number of tenders

Tenderers may submit only onetender per lot. Tenders for parts of a lot will not be considered.
Any tenderer may state in its tender that it would offer a discount in theevent that its tender is accepted for more than one lot. Tenderers may notsubmit a tender for a variant solution in addition to their tender for theworks required in the tender dossier.

11.Tender guarantee

Tenderers must provide a tenderguarantee of EUR 1 100 000.00 (One million one hundred thousand euro) whensubmitting their tender. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessfultenderers once the tender procedure has been completed and to the successfultenderer upon signature of the contract by all parties.

12.Performance guarantee

The successful tenderer will beasked to provide a performance guarantee of 10 % of the amount of the contractat the signing of the contract. This guarantee must be provided together withthe return of the countersigned contract no later than 30 days after thetenderer receives the contract signed by the contracting authority. If theselected tenderer fails to provide such a guarantee within this period, the contractwill be void and a new contract may be drawn up and sent to the tenderer whichhas submitted the next cheapest compliant tender.

13.Information meeting and/orsite visit

A site visit on 11 August 2020 at9.00 local time will be held by the contracting authority at the followingaddress: ‘Nova Luka’ street Šalinička bb, Smederevo, Republic of Serbia.Personal identification (ID card or passport) is required to the presented atthe entrance as well as the Power of Attorney on behalf of the tenderer forrespective representative(s).
A clarification meeting on 11 August 2020 at 13.30 will be held by thecontracting authority at the City of Smederevo, first floor, room No 2,Omladinska 1, Smederevo, Republic of Serbia.

14.Tender validity

Tenders must remain valid for aperiod of 90 days after the deadline for submission of tenders. In exceptionalcircumstances, the contracting authority may, before the validity periodexpires, request that tenderers extend the validity of tenders for a specificperiod.

15.Period of implementation oftask

Forty-eight (48) months from thereceipt of the signed contract with the performance guarantee by thecontracting authority until issuance of the performance certificate. Thisperiod consists of twenty-four (24) months of the time for works completion and24 months of the defects notification period.

Selection and award criteria

16.Selection criteria

Economic and financial capacityof the candidate:
1) The average annual audited turnover of the tenderer (individual applicant orconsortium members as a whole) must be, in each of three (3) previous financialyears for which the accounts are closed, and reported as required at least EUR55 000 000.00 (Fifty five million euro) or local equivalent at date ofindividual yearly audits using the converter to EUR rate from

https://www.nbs.rs/export/sites/default/internet/english/scripts/ondate.html.Also included shall be the verified report of a legally acceptable accountantin their respective countries to demonstrate the annual turnover for thesethree (3) previous financial years. In case of consortium, the consortiumleader must meet at least 50 % while the other members have to meet each atleast 10 % of the requirement.

2) The working capital (currentassets less current liabilities) per year over the same three (3) years periodmust be positive;
3) The candidate shall demonstrate that it has access to sufficient lines ofcredit and other financial facilities to cover the required construction cashflow (ignoring pre-financing advances) for a period of not less than 6 months.In any case, the amount of credit available must exceed the equivalent of EUR13 750 000.00 (thirteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand euro). Thestatement of available funds in EUR or equivalent in other currency must beprovided by the bank named in the financial identification sheet or otherfinancial institution. The statement must clearly indicate that theabove-mentioned credit facility is available specifically for this namedproject.
Technical and professional capacity of the candidate:
The tenderer must have completed in last eight (8) years from the submissiondate at least two (2) contracts for construction and/or reconstruction and/orextension of port including the relevant port infrastructure comparable to thescope of the subjected contract (at least but not limited to quay/jetty,internal roads and utilities/auxiliary facilities). Minimum value of thereferenced projects shall be EUR 15 000 000.00(Fifteen million euro) while atleast one (1) reference project shall have the value of not less than EUR 50000 000.00 EUR (Fifty million euro). At least one referenced project shall befor construction and/or reconstruction and/or extension of inland waterwayport.

17.Award criteria

The most economicallyadvantageous tender is the technically compliant tender with the lowest price.


18.How to obtain the tenderdossier

The tender dossier is availablefrom the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Nemanjina22-26, 11000 Belgrade, REPUBLIC of SERBIA attn.: Mr. Veljko Kovacevic or viaemail, using e-mail address: veljko.kovacevic@mgsi.gov.rs

The tender dossier is availablefor inspection at the premises of the contracting authority, address givenunder 5 above.
Tenders must be submitted using the standard tender form included in the tenderdossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Tenderers having questions inreference to this tender should send them in writing to: Ministry ofConstruction, Transport and Infrastructure, Nemanjina 22-26, 11000 Belgrade,REPUBLIC of SERBIA attn.: Mr. Veljko Kovacevic or via email, using e-mailaddress: veljko.kovacevic@mgsi.gov.rs (withsubject publication reference from point 1) at least twenty one (21) daysbefore the deadline for submission of tenders. Eventual clarifications or minorchanges to Tender Dossier will be published at least eleven (11) days prior tosubmission deadline on the website of DG International Cooperation andDevelopment at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/europeaid/onlineservices/index.cfm?do=publi.welcome

19.Deadline for submission oftenders

The tenderer"s attention is drawnto the fact that there are two different systems for sending tenders: one is bypost or private mail service, the other is by hand delivery.
In the first case, the tender must be sent before the date and time limit forsubmission, as evidenced by the postmark or deposit slip(1), but in the secondcase it is the acknowledgment of receipt given at the time of the delivery ofthe tender which will serve as proof.
Deadline for tender submission is 20 October 2020 until 3.30 p.m. local time.Opening hours of the contracting authority is 7.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. onworking days.
Any tender submitted to the contracting authority after this deadline will notbe considered.
The contracting authority may, for reasons of administrative efficiency, rejectany tender submitted on time to the postal service but received, for any reasonbeyond the contracting authority"s control, after the effective date ofapproval of the evaluation report, if accepting tenders that were submitted ontime but arrived late would considerably delay the evaluation procedure orjeopardize decisions already taken and notified.
How tenders may be submitted
Tenders must be submitted in English exclusively to the contracting authorityin a sealed envelope:
— either by post or by courier service, in which case the evidence shall beconstituted by the postmark or the date of the deposit slip, to: Ministry ofConstruction, Transport and Infrastructure, Nemanjina 22-26, 11 000 Belgrade,REPUBLIC of SERBIA
— or hand delivered by the participant in person or by an agent directly to thepremises of the contracting authority in return for a signed and dated receipt,in which case the evidence shall be constituted by this acknowledgement ofreceipt, to: Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Nemanjina22-26, 11 000 Belgrade, REPUBLIC of SERBIA The contract title and thepublication reference (see item 1 above) must be clearly marked on the envelopecontaining the tender and must always be mentioned in all subsequentcorrespondence with the contracting authority.
Tenders submitted by any other means will not be considered.
By submitting a tenderer accept to receive notification of the outcome of theprocedure by electronic means. Such notification shall be deemed to have beenreceived on the date upon which the contracting authority sends it to theelectronic address referred to in the tender.

20.Tender opening session

The tender opening session willbe public and it will be held on 22 October 2020 at 10.00 at Ministry ofConstruction, Transport and Infrastructure, Nemanjina 22-26, 11000 Belgrade,REPUBLIC of SERBIA.
In the case that at the date of the opening session some tenders have not beendelivered to the contracting authority but their representatives can showevidence that they have been sent on time, the contracting authority will allowthem to participate in the first opening session and inform all representativesof the tenderers that a second opening session will be organized.

21.Language of the procedure

All written communications forthis tender procedure and contract must be in English.

22.Repetition of similar works

Subsequent to the initialcontract resulting from the current tender procedure, new works consisting inthe repetition of similar works, up to the estimated amount of 20 %, may beentrusted to the initial contractor by negotiated procedure without prior publicationof a contract notice, provided the new works are in conformity with the samebasic project.

23.Legal basis

Finance Contract between theRepublic of Serbia and the European Investment Bank (Official Gazette of theRepublic of Serbia – International Contracts) and the Serbian Law on Budget.


Tenderers should alert thepromoter in writing with a copy to the European Investment Bank to procurementcomplaints@eib.org incase they should consider that certain clauses or technical specifications orthe tender dossier might limit international competition or introduce an unfaircompetitive advantage to some tenderers.