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Valerijana Vujadinović Zemun - učesnik Prve biznis konferencije i Sajma trgovine, Las Vegas, 12-13.11.2005.

Prvomajska 104A Street
Serbia and Montenegro
phone/fax: +381 11 194 144
+381 11 194 443

"Valerijana-Vujadinovic" company is a family company established in 1903 in Derventa, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (today in Republic of Srpska). Main activities of the company at the time included the import and export of food and petroleum, as well as production of natural preparations made of honey and medicinal herbs.

The home of Radoslav Vujadinovic, the founder of the company, was a favourite place of stay for king Petar I Karadjordjevic during his visits to western Bosnia before the outbreak of the First World War. Thus the advice and ideas of his royal highness greatly influenced the development of Vujadinovic company, a fact that was often pointed out by our grandfather.

When the World War II broke out the company was unable to continue its activities and in 1945, after the communists came to power, it was nationalized as private property was abolished.

In 1990 the company was re-established and continued the tradition and production dating back to 1903. The wish of the owners was and still is to achieve two goals; first, to offer their costumers a natural way to protect and preserve their health and, second, to help protect nature that is being threatened more and more. Collection "Pearls of nature" was created in our research laboratories. It is a result of hard work of our expert team who are at the same time great nature lovers.

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