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(TGI 2005) Biografija: Zoran Drakulić

Zoran Drakulić

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Zoran Drakulic was born in Ljubljana in 1953. From the age of three he lived in Dorcol, Belgrade, where he attended elementary school. He passed a final exam at Zemunska Grammar School and earned his bachelor`s degree from the Belgrade University School of Law in 1978.

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He was a successful sportsman, state junior champion in breaststroke swimming, and a member of the national team and later on a coach of the swimming national team.

Mr. Drakulic is married and has three daughters. Tijana received her bachelor’s degree from School of Law and Andrea and Lidija are schoolgirls.

His family feast is St. Mrata, celebrated on 24 November.

His career as a businessman began in Generalexport (Genex), after his graduation in 1978.

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From 1982 till 1989, he was the Financial Director of Generalexport’s company Yougo-Arab in Lebanon. Due to the war in Lebanon, Yougo-Arab moved to Cyprus and was one of the first offshore companies there, covering business activities and operations in the Middle East.

After returning from Cyprus in 1989, he was named the Deputy Director of Genex Bank, having intensive contacts with major banks and financial institutions. He was engaged in transactions with the commodity and currency markets and debt purchase on the secondary markets.

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East Point Holdings Ltd was established in June 1990, with head offices in Cyprus; later on, companies and representative offices worldwide were opened. The first one was in Belgrade, after that in Moscow and gradually in other countries. Today, there are representative offices and companies in twelve countries.

East Point is an international commodity trading, industrial and mining company, trading mainly non-ferrous metals, grains, precious metals, oil products, textile etc.

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East Point Holdings Ltd invested in Serbia and became owner or co-owner of several flour milling and pastry producing companies and bakeries, as well as two factories for processing of non-ferrous metals.

The Company has developed a good relationship with the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other leading European commercial banks.

Mr. Drakulic has not been engaged in politics until now. His involvement was through financing a democratic opposition of Serbia in its struggle for political changes, until October 2000.

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