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GALERIJA PODOVA - A place where innovation in the world of flooring meets tradition. For years, your safe partner for modern residential and business premises.


(Photo: Galerija Podova)
GALERIJA PODOVA is a leader in the field of furnishing residential and business spaces with high-quality floor coverings. From the opening of the first store, more than 50 years ago, until today, they have been driven by the desire to inspire you to bring joy to your daily life and work through changes and innovations in interior design and materials.

Their reputation is rooted in decades of commitment to quality, aesthetics and functionality, which makes them an ideal partner in transforming your spaces. During this time, they distinguished themselves not only as specialists for floors in residential areas, but also as experts for equipping business premises on a "turnkey" basis. Many years of experience brings with it a large number of successfully completed projects and satisfied clients, because as professionals in the field of flooring, they are here to provide you with support in all phases of the project, from choosing the floor to professional installation.

(Photo: Galerija Podova)

(Photo: Galerija Podova)
The range of floor coverings in Galeria Podova has been a gallery of contemporary floors for decades, which skillfully appeals to sophisticated tastes and answers all technical challenges in furnishing a space. They preserve the right values, accept new challenges, but do not compromise between comfort, style and durability. With Galeria Podova, your home reflects your unique aesthetic and provides you with a sense of security.

In the world of flooring today, there is a rich spectrum of traditional as well as modern materials with improved technical characteristics of modern design that follow the trends in interior furnishing.

When it comes to the choice of floors for living space, we usually think of parquet and laminate. The finished parquet combines tradition with modern construction. A natural and ecological product, made of 100% wood, guarantees you safety for 30 years. On the other hand, laminates are durable, affordable and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. In order to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your home, the easiest way is to add some of the modern or classic designs of carpets and rugs, of different colors and textures.

Innovative textile panels are the perfect solution for a warm atmosphere in work spaces, which, in addition to many designs and combinations, offer durability and easy maintenance. If you are one of those who like practical solutions, vinyl floors are the right solution. Modern vinyl flooring designs and constructions have made a serious difference when it comes to aesthetics. Ceramic tiles are normally an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms and terraces because they are durable and resistant to wear, scratches and damage.

The development of technology has enabled the creation of new types of floors that combine the best features of the existing ones and eliminate their shortcomings. Of the many new solutions, hybrid and composite materials and products, two types stood out and became the fastest growing categories of floors.

That are LVT and SPC design panels. Although they have different compositions, what they have in common is that they are modern products that realistically display different materials and combine the best of existing floors: Modularity and design – The natural look of design and texture, as well as the variety of dimensions and shapes give unlimited possibilities of combination providing personalization, and also a personal stamp in the space. Very durable – they have an extremely tough and resistant top layer, so you don`t have to worry about furniture marks and scratches. As such, they are an excellent choice for residential areas, as well as areas with high foot traffic (business premises, surgeries, catering, commercial facilities, etc.). In addition, they are water resistant, suitable for underfloor heating, simple and quick to install and much more.

The prominent advantages of LVT and SPC FLOORS, which are a synthesis of all the good features of other floors, define them as an excellent solution for residential spaces, and even more so for business buildings, restaurants, boutiques, shopping centers.

(Photo: Galerija Podova)

Give your home and business space the flooring it deserves by combining comfort, elegance and durability. Galerija Podova is not only your supplier of floors, but also your partner for the perfect space transformation. Professional sales staff in stores and sales teams for business premises provide you with a complete process from plan, to purchase and installation. Your only concern is to visit them and choose what suits you best.

(Photo: Galerija Podova)