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Tarkett parquet: The art of flooring with millions of successes

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Creating the perfect interior requires careful consideration of every detail. A commitment to quality and a complete process puts Tarkett at the fore when it comes to flooring. Regardless of whether you are a designer, architect or investor, Tarkett will provide support on the way to the realization of visions, combining functionality and aesthetics.

Over 250 completed projects and over 1,200,000 square meters of parquet flooring sold in the last two years.

A comprehensive process - from purchase to parquet installation

Tarkett offers a wide range of services and products to help you turn your idea into reality:

• Sales team
• Free technical support
• Certified contractors
• Tarkett parquet adhesive
• Unique design

The sales team is here to guide you through the diverse palette of parquet floors and provide all the necessary information to make the best decisions for the space.

(Photo: Tarkett)
The free technical support is a key component of the approach. Experts are available to provide advice on the installation and maintenance of the parquet, thus guaranteeing the longevity and beauty of the product.

Installation is entrusted to certified professionals with extensive experience to ensure a top result during the entire installation process.

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The quality of the product depends not only on the parquet, but also on the adhesives used. Specially formulated adhesives provide perfect adhesion and stability of the floor over time.

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If you want to stand out and create a unique atmosphere of the premises, the design center will help to adapt the parquet to your wishes and create a personalized design.

Why exactly Tarkett parquet?

When you choose Tarkett parquet, you are choosing exceptional quality. In the last two years, over a million square meters of parquet have been sold, which confirms that clients recognize and value the commitment to excellence.

The key benefit of Tarkett flooring lies in the unique click system. The parquet remains tightly joined, without cracks or gaps over time, thanks to the pursuit of perfection in every step of production.

Whether you are building your own home or a commercial space, Tarkett is a trusted partner for creating floors that will last for generations.

(Photo: Tarkett)
Tarkett is a synonym for innovation, quality and durability in the flooring industry. With experts and a wide range of products, it sets standards in the industry.

For more information and how Tarkett parquet can improve the interior, visit the website tarkett.rs or, if you are an architect, designer or investor, visit us in the Tarkett showroom in Belgrade.

(Photo: Tarkett)