Special edition newsletter

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR - Inspirational spaces give birth to good ideas


The space as an inspiration

In recent years, interior and exterior design concepts have noticeably jumped out of established frameworks. The spaces in which we live and work are becoming "open concept". We work in the living rooms and bedrooms, and play darts and table football in the offices. Borders are slowly being erased. Apartments, especially in big cities, are getting smaller, and the challenges for interior designers are getting bigger. Because it is necessary to fit several units into one that functions perfectly. Along with unavoidable aesthetics and quality, more and more attention is being paid to functionality. The secret lies in understanding the needs of those who will be staying in the space.

Although covid indicated that we would say goodbye to office work, that did not happen. In Serbia, the demand for business space is increasing, especially in the capital. Only last year, 120,000 new square meters of office space appeared on the market in Belgrade, which is an annual growth of over 15%. All these spaces need to be arranged. Although the offices in the capital are the most expensive in the region, there are almost no more free ones, and the most sought-after are precisely the most luxuriously equipped ones.

Another requirement that owners or tenants of business premises have is that it be adapted to different needs and requirements. Smart buildings are becoming imperative, as are the modern client`s demands for sustainable furniture, energy-efficient appliances, economical heating, and modern lighting.

And for such a concept to really work, experts from the fields of interior design, landscape architecture, wood and textile industry, furniture industry, construction carpentry, manufacturers and sellers of paints, varnishes, wallpaper, white goods, lighting, acoustics, small household appliances, garden equipment, lawns, swimming pools etc. are responsible.

In the special edition newsletter that is in front of you, we spoke with all of them and presented the latest trends in the design of living and business space, as well as landscape architecture.

We tried to show the current situation, but also to discover how the market will develop.