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How to rent an apartment for more money? Equip it this way!

Interior design: Sonja Brstina (Photo: Igor Conić)Interior design: Sonja Brstina
The boom in new construction that has hit Serbia in the last few years did not happen by chance. In addition to favorable interest rates at the time, which gave wind to investors, the reason why the demand for real estate is high is because Serbs like to save... in square meters!

Investing in startups, entrepreneurship and various business arrangements is still not attractive to the majority in society, so all additional capital is mostly poured into buying apartments. Most of these properties end up being advertised for short or long term rentals.

The calculation is clear. Renting out an apartment for a period of 10 to 15 years will pay off the property in full, and after that everything is pure profit. However, the question arises, what is the upper limit for the monthly rent? Can the apartment be paid off faster? You can if you follow these tips.

Interior project: Sonja Brstina (Photo: Igor Conić)Interior project: Sonja Brstina
An attractive apartment is rented faster... and more expensively

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but also in the camera. When you think about what it is in the ad that attracts the attention of a potential tenant, you will realize that it is actually the first good photo of the apartment. So, make sure that your apartment looks attractive and that the photo illustrating it has the power of attraction.

How are you going to achieve this? First, you need an accent in the apartment that will distinguish it from the competition. Do not be afraid of bright colors on the walls, sofa or furniture in a striking pattern because it is precisely the effective detail that will attract attention among the sea of advertisements.

Be guided by the motto that less is better. The fact that you have chosen the cyclamen color for the main motif does not mean that you should paint the entire apartment in this color. Choose one main wall in the apartment that will wear this color and attract attention.

Interior project: Sonja Brstina (Photo: Igor Conić)Interior project: Sonja Brstina
Invest in an architect

This is where we come to many other questions and dilemmas. How to match the color of cyclamen with the rest of the furniture? How to make the most of the space? How to make an apartment for rent so that it is easy to maintain? The answer is simple - you hire an expert.

Architects and interior designers are professionals who will not only help you make the apartment more functional, but with their engagement you will increase the rent because the property will look better and more attractive.

Interior designers will show you how to organize the space in the best way and present it all to you in 3D realistic views.

However, the greatest value you get from hiring an architect is that you will save time in furnishing the apartment. They will coordinate all the necessary craftsmen, choose furniture, lighting and equipment, finish all this painstaking work for you.

Interior project: Sonja Brstina (Photo: Igor Conić)Interior project: Sonja Brstina
Interior designers in one place

However, the question arises where to find good interior designers in Serbia?

In the domestic online world, a platform called Interior Design (Dizajn Enterijera), led by the most famous local designer Sonja Brstina, who has been furnishing residential and business spaces throughout Serbia for over 15 years.

On this portal, she, together with the editors, selflessly shares advice on furnishing apartments and provides an overview of the domestic market, furniture and prices.

The added value of this portal is that it publishes the best residential interior projects by well-known domestic authors, so you will be able to find the right person for your project of furnishing an apartment for rent.

- Dizajnenterijera.rs is a portal about interiors that was missing on our scene - a portal that I myself would like to visit. It`s a place where I write about what I really love to do! - says architect Sonja Brstina.