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INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR - Inspirational spaces give birth to good ideas


Manifold - your solution for an inspiring workspace

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Quality furnishing of business premises is a key component of successful business. Manifold is committed to creating work environments that improve productivity and promote comfort. Their main agenda is to help you transform your office space into a place where inspiring ideas are born and extraordinary results are achieved.

Comfort and ergonomics as priorities

Their office furniture is carefully designed with a strong focus on comfort and ergonomics. Employees spend hours at their workplace and it`s up to us to offer them furniture that provides flawless support for the body during the whole day`s work. Their products are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the back, neck and spine, resulting in greater comfort and reduced fatigue during a full day`s work.

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Quality without compromise

The products they offer are made of the highest quality materials that guarantee longevity and durability, and their office chairs remain comfortable and attractive for years. The commitment to quality is unquestionable and this is reflected in every detail of the products for which they offer a guarantee of five, seven and even 10 years.

Adaptability for each user

All employees are unique and have their own specific needs. That`s why Manifold office chairs and furniture come with numerous customization options. From height and tilt adjustments, to armrest adjustments and lumbar support, the products allow every user to find the ideal setting for their needs.

All collections of office desks come with options for hiding and managing cables that won`t bother you anymore, and some of the collections also have an adjustable height of the worktop that will add a dose of dynamism during long working days.

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Aesthetically appealing

Your business premises are the business card of your company. Manifold office furniture is not only comfortable and functional, but also modern and aesthetically appealing. Available in different shapes, forms, colors and materials, it can fit into any interior. From classic to modern and innovative designs, these collections will add a unique level of elegance and style to your space.

A review of the office chairs

Investing in quality office chairs is not just an expense, but also an investment in productivity and employee well-being. When your team works in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position, employee satisfaction and productivity are at a high level. A reduction in fatigue and stress, along with improved concentration, leads to better business results. All office chairs are made in accordance with the highest ergonomic principles and from high quality materials.

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In addition to high-quality office chairs and furniture, modern business spaces cannot be imagined without a good acoustic environment. At Manifold, we understand the importance of a quiet environment in modern workspaces and with their range of acoustic panels you can eliminate noise and create a peaceful environment where your team can achieve their best results.

The collection of acoustic panels offers various options for solving noise problems, whether you need sound absorption in an open space, in meeting rooms, social areas or private rooms.

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Acoustic panels not only provide functionality, but also add aesthetics to the interior, as they are available in different colors and shapes and can match the style of the work space.

Manifold is not just a store for office chairs, furniture and acoustic panels. They are a partner in creating functional and optimal work environments and can help you create a space that will inspire your team and help you achieve your business goals.

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Forget about uncomfortable chairs and styleless workspaces filled with unpleasant noise. Open the door to a more productive and comfortable working environment with the products Manifold can offer you.

Get in touch with them to create the perfect environment for your team together.