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What if we told you that the door can disappear in the wall?

(Photo: Scrigno)
Italy, Santarcangelo di Romagna, 1987. It all started here - the story of the Scrigno sliding door, the first system to be patented in Italy. Giuseppe Berardi, the founder of the Scrigno company, was a carpentry worker and his specialty was doors and windows: the locals knew him well precisely because of this. One day a customer who had just returned from America came to Berardi with a unique request: he wanted to create America in his home in Emilia Romagna. "Over there in the States," he explained, "rooms have doors that slide across the floor and disappear into the walls."

The challenge was set. Giuseppe did a little research, thought, came up with new solutions. He asked friends and colleagues for advice and got the same answer from everyone: "It`s not possible. No one has ever done it in Italy". And that was true. The walls in typical American architecture, with their large hollow casings, were miles away from the construction model used in Italy. From the north to the south of Italy, the centuries-old buildings had solid walls of brick or stone, walls that were impossible to breach.

(Photo: Scrigno)
The only existing solutions were ordinary doors or sliding doors: "the best solution to optimize space; more pleasing to the eye and even neater in appearance; the wooden frame supports the door and follows its sliding, making it more stable and strengthening it, like a skeleton".

However, no one knew how to achieve the desired result. "I could make a hole in the wall," thought Giuseppe. "Remove the bricks, put the wooden frame inside and then...". The solution came to him by combining ideas. The timber frame was simply not suitable for the construction techniques commonly used in Italy. "I had to rethink the skeleton!". Berardi called the customer. "Well? - he asked - Will I get America in Italy?". "Maybe not America - answered the carpenter - but I have an idea...". A few days later, the Italian sliding doors disappeared into the wall for the first time, supported and protected by a metal frame.

(Photo: Scrigno)
The Italian company Scrigno is today a leader in the production and design of exclusive cassettes for sliding doors and offers a wide selection of state-of-the-art technical solutions that can respond to all architectural needs: single and double sliding doors, with wooden or glass panels up to high-design frameless solutions .

The in-wall frame consists of a metal housing with a sliding system that is integrated into the wall.
The certified quality of the products, 100% made in Italy, and constant innovation are the foundation of this company`s success, so that Scrigno has become synonymous with "pocket" sliding doors. In addition to sliding door cassettes, Scrigno offers a line of hinged doors and high-performance armored doors. Thanks to constant dialogue with designers and architects and listening to the new needs of the market, Scrigno is successfully following its mission, which is to offer exclusive systems from the very beginning, which can improve the comfort and quality of your home.