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Ktitor, a synonym for style and comfort - The company presents new lines of modern office furniture

(Photo: Ktitor)
For more than three decades, Ktitor has been one of the leading companies on the Serbian market in terms of volume of production and sales of office furniture, design, consulting and furnishing, as well as representing European office furniture manufacturers.

On more than a thousand square meters of exhibition space of Ktitor`s business center in Zemun, you can find a rich assortment, the best ideas and solutions for furnishing any business space.

The company Ktitor, in addition to furniture production, transport and assembly, provides top-quality maintenance, servicing and repair of furniture within the warranty and non-warranty period.

Company Ktitor`s own production facilities, extensive experience, professional team, as well as the availability of all spare parts and consumables, guarantee a fast service and an efficient solution for all the needs of clients.

In addition to the production of furniture, the Company has an organized service that provides transport and assembly services, as well as maintenance, servicing and repair services for furniture.

ThinK - conference program

This program offers interesting shapes that aim to be glamorous but at the same time encourage productive interaction. The metal structure of the tables is available in two finishing levels, it can be made of polished stainless steel, i.e. brushed matte effect or plasticized in the desired color.

ThinK (Photo: Ktitor)ThinK
The ThinK conference table allows you to think creatively and agree concretely.

Glass surfaces, except in the natural color of the glass, can be obtained in a wide range of colors,
and if you do not want a glass surface, the top of your conference table can be made of different board materials, such as plywood, painted or veneered plywood.

A conference room can look glamorous with this program.

Accompanying modular chests of drawers are made of modular aluminum profiles, finished plasticized in the color of your choice. Depending on your needs, you can choose a combination of a large number of open-closed elements, shelves or a cabinet with drawers.

KoneKt - operating program

After several months of working from home, with the need to return employees to offices, from the idea of working in a business environment closer to working from home, a new production program was born - KoneKt.

The design team was guided by the idea that after returning to the office environment, everything you need for a pleasant work, including personal belongings, should be within reach.

The KoneKt program combines comfort and style, creating in the office an inspiring work atmosphere like in your home.

(Photo: Ktitor)
The program is made of the most modern panel materials. Touch mechanisms, telescopic sliders with retarders, sliding doors will save you space and make it easier for you to feel comfortable in your new "home" business office every day.

KoneKt (Photo: Ktitor)KoneKt
In the combined open-closed elements available right next to you, place the documents you use every day, a family photo, a gift from a friend or business partner. If you need peace and concentration, you can place an acoustic visual panel in the color of the work chair or armchair between the two workspaces.