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Bojan Dabić and Zdravko Ivanković, companies Zorka Opeka and Zorka Keramika - Teamwork, communication and relationship between people are the basic link of business

Bojan Dabić, sales director of Zorka Opeka, Đorđe Radulović, general manager of Zorka Opeka and Zorka Keramika and Zdravko Ivanković, sales director of Zorka Keramika (Photo: Igor Šarac)Bojan Dabić, sales director of Zorka Opeka, Đorđe Radulović, general manager of Zorka Opeka and Zorka Keramika and Zdravko Ivanković, sales director of Zorka Keramika

The companies Zorka Opeka and Zorka Keramika operate successfully, each in their own domain, under the same roof. Both companies represent a world unto itself through the production and sales team, as well as the way of working. Over the years the focus has been on building the business, name and brand. This was achieved by both companies, which, although different, managed to find independent paths to the same goal by supporting, listening and hearing each other.

Over time, the need for better teamwork and information exchange increased, which set them apart from others, helped them maintain a leadership position in the region and increase their presence on all important projects and design plans.

With Zorka Opeka sales director Bojan Dabić and Zorka Keramika sales director Zdravko Ivanković, we talked about the synergy of the companies, the importance of teamwork, but also new products and plans for the next period.

Innovation and finding the best solutions for customers are the focus of both companies. In what way can it be further improved through the synergy of the companies?

Bojan: Both companies offer a "complete solution" – not just a product, and for the reason that the item being sold encountered all the problems that the end customers may encounter in the future. Through the synergy of legal entities, we reach almost all solutions - although we have been waiting for a question for some time to which we do not know the answer, we are currently dealing with solving the questions that have been asked so far.

Zdravko: The innovations that we strive for as a whole system lead to the improvement of products and services according to market requirements, but also to a more decisive attitude in finding the best of the entire "know-how" for the client. All this by following the world trends in the field of construction.

Many successful companies cite teamwork as a key link for business, and can the teams of two companies cooperate?

Bojan: Teamwork, communication and relationship between people is the basic link of business. Bricks and Ceramics have the same goal. Brands are created, companies are very stable, and teams collaborate on all levels: in the office, on the field, on the construction site, at a party, on the soccer field. Those teams represent both themselves and the families of companies behind them. Today, all those families start from one, and it is simply called "ZORKA".

Zdravko: Thanks to the common history and cooperation in the construction industry, trends are followed and experiences from the field are transferred, which has the greatest impact on mutual improvements.

Customers have recognized your quality and remain loyal to you. Which products are currently in most demand?

Bojan: Zorka Opeka certainly was and remains recognizable as the only producer of facade bricks not in the country, but in the region. The facade brick represents the face of Zorka Opeka, and the answer to which product is currently most in demand can be answered by the fact that we were not able to produce facade bricks due to the excessive demand for Klimabloc. With good organization, we came to a situation where we could "afford" to produce a limited quantity, which is already in warehouses of building materials all over the country.

Zdravko: We transferred the epithet of quality floor ceramics to the improvement of technology and design, followed the trends of the western markets and turned the entire assortment towards technological and designer products. The most sought-after products are stone, concrete and wood imitations that can be used in all areas of application.

Are there any new products in the pipeline?

Bojan: Due to the high market demand for Klimabloc, we were neither able to produce facade bricks nor launch new products on the market in the dynamics we had planned. Nevertheless, we offered the market two products that offer a sound insulation solution, Klimabloc 25 AKU and Klimabloc 20 AKU, we managed to produce a limited quantity of facade bricks, and now it`s the turn of a new product for a thermal insulation solution. Testing is well under way and we hope to be ready to offer it to the market next season.

Zdravko: With the innovations, the equipment we own and are planning to invest in, there are some new formats and design solutions that can be expected in the coming year.

What are the company`s plans for the next period?

Bojan: With the limited production capacity of Zorka Opeka, there is currently no possibility for additional expansions. We will remain within the framework of our distribution network, we will make an effort to return the production of facade bricks to standard annual sales and to include the new Klimabloc product in the offer.

Zdravko: Due to the trend of growing demand for our products, as well as due to the continuous increase of the product range with new technologically and design most modern products, in the course of the next year, the plan is to increase the production capacity by about 30%, which would complete our offer and significantly increase our presence in the most important markets of Western Europe.