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Djordje Jovanovic, Mapei Serbia - Quick and efficient bathroom renovation is achievable with modern quick-drying materials

Djordje Jovanovic, Mapei Serbia (Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)Djordje Jovanovic, Mapei Serbia
It often happens that we postpone the renovation of our bathrooms, for various reasons. This often happens due to the fear of long-term and complicated works. Sometimes we postpone it because of a lack of information or because of doubts regarding the choice of materials and design. However, the moment has come to consider the possibilities of modern quick-drying solutions. These construction materials bring changes in the field of adaptations. Thanks to them, the main construction works can be completed in just five days.

Djordje Jovanovic, a professional with expertise in ceramic tile products at at Mapei Serbia, shared with us information about the method, recommended materials and realistic time frames for efficient bathroom adaptation.

When renovating the bathroom, what should be the first thing to pay attention to?

- The key is to install a solid and flat cement screed as a base. This will ensure a stable surface for laying the floor tiles, while at the same time allowing for the proper slope for optimal water runoff to form. To take advantage of time, we recommend using a ready-mixed, quick-drying mortal, such as Topcem Pronto.

(Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)
What are the advantages of this mixture?

- Its main advantage is a quick drying process. Unlike traditional screed that take up to 28 days to dry, our compound dries completely in just 4 days. After just 24 hours, you can start installing ceramic tiles on the surface, because it quickly achieves the required strength. Also, waterproofing is possible after only 24 hours. This mixture is prepared simply by mixing it with water. A notable benefit is its thin application – it can be installed with just a 1.5 cm thickness. This is of great importance for owners and architects, because during adaptations it will not significantly affect the height of the floor level.

How important is waterproofing in a bathroom renovation?

- Waterproofing is of fundamental importance for every bathroom. Its role is to actively and effectively prevent water leakage, which preserves the integrity of the compound, walls and other parts of the structure. Through this measure, we take care not only of the quality and safety of our space, but also of the surrounding environment, enabling us all to live carefree, without inconvenience or potential problems.

What modern quick-drying materials are used in the waterproofing process?

- In order to speed up the renovation, more and more craftsmen are opting for ready-mixed waterproofing membranes such as Mapelastic AquaDefense. Its advantage lies in its simple and quick application on various surfaces, from cement screeds to plasterboards, as well as over the existing ceramic substrate in the case of partial reconstruction. Bonding of ceramic tiles can begin as early as four hours after applying the first layer of this product.

AquaDefense (Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)AquaDefense
What are the advantages of quick-setting cement tile adhesive?

- To facilitate the process of installing tiles, we recommend the use of Adesilex P9 Express fast-setting cement adhesive. It enables quick and efficient tile installation, as floors become set to light foot traffic after 4 hours, and fully functional in 24 hours. Grouting can also begin four hours after the tiles have been laid.

We often focus on choosing beautiful and high-quality tiles for the bathroom, but how important is it to pay attention to the joints?

- That`s right, people often forget how important the joints are for the final appearance of the bathroom. Although the color and pattern of the tiles play an important role, the importance of the joints should not be overlooked. They can have a decisive influence on the overall aesthetic impression and functionality of the bathroom.

Can you tell us more about the Ultracolor Plus cement grout?

- Of course, Ultracolor Plus is a great choice for tile grouting. This cement grout is water-repellent and mold-resistant, which is very important for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the bathroom. It is also easy to clean, making it even easier to maintain cleanliness. What is particularly attractive is the wide range of colors that Ultracolor Plus offers. There is a lot of room for originality and creativity here, because you can make a choice that will fit perfectly into your vision.

(Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)
Ultracolor Plus has recently been marked ZERO. What exactly does that label mean?

- The mark "ZERO" indicates that Ultracolor Plus is a CO 2 fully offset in the entire life cycle. The concept of "carbon neutrality" at Mapei was introduced ten years ago, when the famous Keraflex Maxi S1 cement adhesive was renamed to Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero. This transformation resulted in the neutralization of CO2 emissions through the acquisition of certified credits from projects related to alternative energy sources and forestry protection. By introducing the "ZERO - CO2 neutral" solution line, Mapei has achieved a reduction of its total carbon footprint by more than 10% in the last five years. Through quality, durable and sustainable products such as adhesives for laying ceramic tiles and stone, as well as Ultracolor Plus grout, Mapei has enabled users to choose materials without a negative impact on climate change during construction projects.

What are some useful tips for finishing the details in the bathroom?

- For the treatment of details such as joints between walls and floors, corners or transitions around the bathtub or shower cabin, it is recommended to use Mapesil AC silicone. This silicone compound is also mold resistant and its colors are carefully coordinated with the Ultracolor Plus grout range. By using Mapesil AC silicone to seal these critical areas, not only permanent sealing is achieved, but also aesthetic harmony in the overall look of the bathroom.

(Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)
What would you tell owners who want to make their bathroom special?

- I invite them to be active in the decision-making process, to ask questions to experts and to educate themselves about the characteristics of the material and the available possibilities. With Mapei materials, they have the opportunity to furnish their bathroom with innovative solutions that provide a high level of hygiene, durability and aesthetics.

Your bathroom is a space that reflects your unique vision, so let every detail be carefully selected so that you can enjoy a space that inspires every day!

(Photo: Mapei Srbija/ Promo)