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KNX Smart Home – Enrich Your Space and Enjoy the Comfort

(Photo: VUEKO)
Luxury materials and modern design will make your home more beautiful.

“We create the comfort you deserve”

The right choice of accessories with a top-quality design, materials and functionality will make your home richer. Everyone strives to make their dreams come true and make their home pleasant and functional for staying in. A smart house has numerous functionalities, including a large choice of accessories, thermostats, touch-displays, which can be made of plastic, glass or noble metals. Their positions inside a facility should be well thought out, so you should get advice from one of the 120 KNX partners in Serbia. Visit one of our exhibit salons, and you will find a suitable design for your home. You can find a wide selection of equipment at www.knx-shop.rs.

KNX is the only world-recognized smart house standard

Thanks to their reliability and wide range of possibilities, KNX is the only international standard for home automation in the past 30 years, and it is now used by more than 500 producers in around 190 countries.
(Photo: VUEKO)

All KNX devices “communicate using the same language”, and the installation of KNX systems has become much easier and more flexible. Once a KNX installation has been set up in a facility, it is easy to expand, reprogram and replace the components. The installation of cables is of the radial type and saves 30% cables compared to the classical installation. All the push-buttons and sensors are connected through twisted pair cabling or through a WiFi network (KNX-RF), which functions in a free range of 868 MHz. The KNX installation can very simply extended and it can connect devices by various producers of equipment into a single integrated system. KNX installations are used for the management of apartments, houses, hotels, buildings, stadiums, even whole cities. If you want to become a KNX partner and program your house yourself, visit www.knx.rs.

VOIP smart intercom – Be connected with your house

A smart house is capable of notifying the owner about all the events in the surrounding area. The Akuvox Smart Intercom is able to recognize the face in front of the entrance and notify you through a mobile phone.
(Photo: VUEKO)

This functionality is ideal when you are away frequently, and have the need to control access to your property and house without giving a key to third parties (a gardener, a postman, service etc…). Of course, you can do all this from any location in the world through your mobile phone.
(Photo: VUEKO)

Stay informed about when your child comes back from school! Being connected to one’s house is a truly excellent thing. More details can be found at www.akuvox.rs.

The standard KNX smart house package contains:

Access control: SIP intercoms and control of access to the pool, the apartment, the house, the garage.

Lighting control: lights come on and off, the intensity is changed (dimming), management of LED strips, LED decorative colored lights (RGB).

Control of blinds, shutters, curtains: by shading in the summer and opening in the winter, a huge amount of energy is saved and a pleasant living environment is created.
(Photo: VUEKO)

Heating and cooling control: individually set up for each room, thereby achieving comfort and energy savings.

Weather station and sensors: fire, humidity, temperature, CO2, floods, presence.

Central KNX Server and touch-panels: preparation of visualization.

More at www.pametna-kuca.rs.

VUEKO has founded the first KNX training center in the region. We have trained more than 100 KNX partners and raised the construction standard in Serbia to another level.

We are proud of the biggest network of KNX business partners in the country and the region. For 12 years, we have been working on training courses and the promotion of KNX standards in Serbia. The results are apparent and we are glad that the market has recognized the value of KNX automation.
(Photo: VUEKO)

To our clients, we offer the full service, designing, advice, equipment, professional education, promotion and work support. To investors, we open new possibilities of earning. By installing the KNX Smart-Home system, they can enrich their apartments and raise their value to another level. KNX smart apartments are sold at up to 20% more than the market value!

The sale time is significantly shortened. In our experience, the emotion experienced by the client in a smart apartment infuses them with trust, offers comfort, security and savings. The purchasers do not want to lose such an opportunity and they decide to make a purchase! Today, everyone wants to have their own smart apartment and to be connected to it through their smart phone. The time of classical installations has passed. Visit us at www.vueko.net.

The full contents of the Special Edition Newsletter “Interior and Exterior – How to Achieve Superior Home and Office Space” can be found HERE.

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