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Create a Smart and Sustainable Office with New Lighting

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Research has shown that people in North America and Europe spend 90% of their time indoors. Observed by the number of years, those 90% amount to 36 years of a 40-year-old person’s life. From that angle, it becomes obvious that staying indoors has a disproportionate impact on our health.

Most people spend most of their day at their work place, 7 to 10 hours, 5 days a week on average. But, the more we stay indoors, the less exposed we are to the beneficial influence of light. As a consequence, we don’t get enough nutrient matters from natural daylight, which help us feel, see and function better. Bright white light which mimics daylight can improve people’s work place efficiency. In addition to contributing to a better visibility and an increased efficiency, which would be impossible without artificial light, the brightness and the wavelengths of the ambient lighting can also have a positive impact on the circadian rhythm, the biological clock, the mood and the wakefulness.
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Wherever lighting is important, the best should be chosen when it comes to the quality and the selection. That is what inspired our experts to create the Philips CoreLine product family, a full portfolio of innovative lights that are simple to install and suitable for every application and environment. What makes it special is that it combines the two biggest modern technologies at the moment – LED lighting and the Internet of Things, technologies which contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint. Furthermore, the efficient design of the CoreLine products enables a simple replacement of the existing lighting, without additional wiring or additional ceiling works.

At the heart of CoreLine high-quality lights is the LED technology. By switching to the LED technology in lighting your office space, you can realize considerable cost savings and reduce CO2 emissions in your operations. As power plants produce excessive amounts of CO2 footprint and contribute to the global warming, the estimate is that nearly 50% of the CO2 footprint is related to electricity and that around 25% is related to lighting. On average, LED lights consume 80% less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. When you add to it their long life cycle, up to 75,000 hours, we can agree that the LED technology enables your business to become more sustainable.
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With Philips CoreLine, you get more than a high-quality lighting solution which is easily installed – you also get top-quality technology, which sets industry standards. CoreLine lights are the first Interact Ready LED lights and they work perfectly with the Interact Pro app and switchboard. The connected lighting means that LED lights are connected with the app software through integrated sensors, thereby unlocking a whole new world of possibilities. Smart lighting enables lighting automation, personalization of lighting settings and recording of data for the purpose of task optimization, creating a pleasant ambiance in the work place.

The new Interact Pro system facilitates, more than ever before, the usage of the advantages of smart lighting. This system is a wireless solution which saves money through the entire smart lighting experience: from the very application and the light, through acquiring another advantage by adding a network gateway. The system itself is very adaptable, so it can always by upgraded later on if the demands of the job change – from smart to super-smart.
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Whereas the CoreLine portfolio covers all the professional fields of implementation, products that are specially created for office needs and fit in the best with the Interact Ready system are:

– CoreLine recessed ceiling light – with a thin design and a height of >35 mm, this light is suitable for installation inside plaster ceilings, enables an easy connection and light without flickering, thanks to a high-performance driver.

– CoreLine mounted ceiling light – simple to connect, with a thin minimalist design with a life cycle of 50,000 hours. This light is also available in the form of a hanging light, for implementation on “networked” ceiling structures.

– CoreLine panel – with thin and resilient aluminum casing, this light has an exit flux of 4300 lm with an efficiency of up to 123 lm/W. It is available in four different dimensions and suitable for implementation as a recessed, mounted, or hanging light.

– CoreLine downlight – meant for more professional implementation, thanks to the possibility of dimming and various optics (white and highly bright floodlight) enabling a reliable DALI connection and an innovative connection option (Interact). It is available in 2 sizes and with 2 different exit fluxes.
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In addition to office lights, the CoreLine family also has waterproof lights, projectors, external use lights, linear systems and lights for high-rack spaces such as warehouses and production halls, so this family allows for the creation of the entire lighting solution, from the office to the production facility. All the lights can be seen on the web page of the CoreLine family, where you can also download product leaflets and find a lot of additional information.

Switching to smart LED lighting has never been simpler. Use the advantages of lights to upgrade your business and create a working environment that is good for your employees and the planet itself!

The full contents of the Special Edition Newsletter “Interior and Exterior – How to Achieve Superior Home and Office Space” can be found HERE.

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