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Improve the Quality of Life with JUPOL Wellbeing Paints

The home environment is the most important place where the stress of everyday life is left behind us and we dedicate ourselves to ourselves and our family. How well we feel in a space depends on the internal climate, lighting, the paint on the walls, the quality of the air and the arrangement of the furniture in the space.

With the right choice of the products we put in our home, we create a favorable climate in the space, thereby making sure that our lives are as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, the experts of the company JUB recommend to you a new segment of paints for home design – active JUPOL Wellbeing paints. The quality of interior air can be improved through active JUPOL Wellbeing interior paints, which make people feel better in their space thanks to their special properties.

JUPOL Clima Control – an active silicate-based paint, contains amines which bind the formaldehyde that new carpets and home items release.

THE BEST CHOICE for all the interior rooms, especially new apartments or re-equipped apartments. By purchasing new furniture or installing various new materials (wooden coverings, textile flooring and other artificial materials), we introduce large quantities of formaldehyde in our home.

Home items are processed during the production process with formaldehyde, which is harmful to our health. Bad air, in addition to being harmful, of course, can cause allergic reactions too.

At JUB, we offer a solution featuring the advanced technology we’ve built into the interior wall paint JUPOL Clima Control.

According to research, in one month, JUPOL Clima Control binds, on average, 83 µg (micrograms) from the air per square meter each hour.

After 28 days, JUPOL Clima Control still removes 80% of the formaldehyde in the room.

– Proofs obtained from Eco INSTITUT in Germany (tested by ISO 16000-23 standard).
– Contains amines which bind formaldehyde.
– Binds over 80 µg of formaldehyde per square meter in the first month, or 0.5 g up to the saturation.
– Creates a favorable climate at home.

Key advantages:
1. Solves problems with oversensitivity to formaldehyde and preservatives.
2. The high pH value ensures natural fungicide protection.
3. Allows for surface cleaning.
4. Enables good application and is easy to work with.

JUPOL Eco Premium – a paint with carefully selected ingredients, as shown by the Ecolabel environmental certificate. This certificate indicates that the producers, the traders and the suppliers are reaching the highest environmental standards.

THE BEST CHOICE for all interior rooms, especially children’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms etc.

– Top-quality paint with the Ecolabel certificate: an environmental certificate that proves that the paint meets high environmental criteria.
– The painted surface has a good final look.
– Ready for use.

Key advantages:
1. Easy to work with, even for amateurs.
2. Top-quality look of the painted surface.
3. Shorter time of application (one-layer application).
(Photo: JUB)

JUPOL Thermo – an active paint that contains special hollow fillers that reduce heat conductivity. Such fillers have higher insulation properties and at the same time reduce the weight of the coating. It is pleasant to touch, especially on the wall surfaces which are otherwise cold.

THE BEST CHOICE for the wall areas facing north, without insulation and with lower heat bridges, for children’s rooms.

– Provides a sense of warmth.
– Reduces the possibility of humidity condensation and prevents the creation of mold.

Key advantages:
1. Combined with JUBOLIN Thermo, a smoothing mass, saves the electrical energy spent on heating
2. Removes problems with mold and heat bridges.
3. Nice and smooth look of the painted surface.
4. Easy to apply.

JUPOL BIO Silicate – a silicate-based paint, without added preservatives/biocides, for people oversensitive to preservatives.

THE BEST CHOICE especially for people who have a problem with being oversensitive to preservatives.

– Doesn’t contain biocides
– For people oversensitive to preservatives, we recommend the white shade.
– It is also suitable for decorative protection in architectural heritage buildings.

Key advantages:
1. Solves problems with oversensitivity to preservatives.
2. Allows for surface cleaning.
3. Enables easy application and is pleasant to work with.

Interior paint JUPOL Bio Apnena – based on hydrated lime.

THE BEST CHOICE for rooms with increased humidity and facilities within the system of monument protection.

– A paint based on hydrated lime.
– Ideal for lime bases and repair mortars.
– Suitable for wall surfaces after floods.
– Highly steam-permeable.
– Does not wear off the wall surfaces.

Key advantages:
1. Thanks to its properties, it increases the quality of healthy living.
2. Pleasant, fresh scent.
3. Easy to work with.
4. Can be applied with a paint roller.

The full contents of the Special Edition Newsletter “Interior and Exterior – How to Achieve Superior Home and Office Space” can be found HERE.

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