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A Guide to a Sustainable Home – Choose Home Devices Which Contribute to a Better Future

The increasingly louder warnings that the nature is giving, as well as a quick flow of information from all parts of the world, have resulted in an “ecological awakening” of the public in these areas in the past period. Today, therefore, more and more people are striving for health and sustainable decisions and choosing brands that share their values in everyday life.

Parallel with the raising of environmental awareness of the public and the demands of the market, the importance of sustainable operations for the corporate sector has increased – today, nearly every company cites sustainability as one of the leading business principles. Lifestyle changes have also brought new standards when it comes to interior design, so, device sustainability is now second on the list of priorities of potential users, right after functionality.

If you also have the desire to reduce your ecological footprint through your choices and make a small step toward a better future, here you can find several pieces of advice that you can start with when choosing home devices.

1. Choose products that stand the test of time

A long shelf-life of a product, as a counterpoint to the current culture of disposal, is the ultimate form of sustainability. Unfortunately, we live in a time when there’s increasingly more talk about how consumer electronics are not nearly as well-made as before and when worn-out “affordable” home devices are ending up at landfills increasingly often. Therefore, when you opt for a bigger initial investment in order to guarantee the security and the longevity of devices, you are in fact making an environmentally-informed decision.

For the company Miele, a leading producer of home devices, which has been operating successfully in the Serbian market as well for over a decade, the longevity of a device is an imperative that they guarantee for each consumer. Absolutely any device that comes off the production line goes through thorough quality checks and is tested for a shelf-life of as many as 20 years. More precisely, while some car engines are submitted to being tested for up to 3,000 hours, at Miele, products are tested for uninterrupted operation for up to 10,000 hours!

2. Innovative functions bring energy efficiency

We know that it’s the home devices that are the biggest consumers of electricity in a household, and seemingly small innovations, such as shorter washing cycles and higher classes of energy efficiency of devices, in fact make a big difference when it comes to sustainable development and household costs.

Let’s take dish-washing machines, which traditionally have lower classes of energy efficiency, as an example. If you opt for Miele dish-washing machines, you have innovative functions at your disposal, such as the EcoPower technology, which reduces water consumption in the ECO program by as much as 8.9 liters. It also means that it takes less energy to heat up the water, which makes your dish-washing machine more energy efficient, with perfect washing results and the highest level of hygiene.

3. Seek expert advice

If you have ever bought a home device, you were probably flooded with choices. If you have no previous knowledge in electronics or are not good with understanding declarations, you will find it difficult to choose the right option, that is also sustainable, on your own, quickly and easily.

In that case, seek the help of an expert adviser who will pay attention to what you need and help you choose a product that will best suit your lifestyle and needs. The Miele sales salons in three locations in Belgrade – in Balkanska Street, Zorana Djindjica Blvd and Vudroa Vilsona Blvd – offer you a unique shopping experience and an opportunity to get all the relevant information in one place, with the widest range of devices that you can test at the salon itself, making sure of their efficiency and quality.

4. Do additional research on the brand

Finally, when you choose the desired device, make sure to do additional research on the corporate philosophy of the brand in order to be entirely sure that the company shares your dedication to sustainable development.

Since its founding in 1899, Miele has remained a family company at whose core are dedication and responsibility – toward the founders, the employees, the users, the suppliers, the environment and the society. It has also placed an additional focus on sustainability with its current global campaign “Quality Ahead of Its Time”, which is carried out with the aim of informing buyers of the excellence when it comes to the manner of manufacture, the performances and product sustainability.

The full contents of the Special Edition Newsletter “Interior and Exterior – How to Achieve Superior Home and Office Space” can be found HERE.

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