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SC Logistics NS Team Ready to Respond to All Client Demands – “Door to Door” Goods Transport in the Country or Across the World

Illustration (Photo: Don Pablo/shutterstock.com)
SC Logistics NS DOO is a company which operates within SLAVIJACOOP and provides full services of goods transport, customs mediation, storage logistics and national distribution, using the “door to door” principle. Whether the clients need to transport goods to the EU or across the world, the company’s team is capable of meeting all requests.

What sets them apart from other logistics companies is the dedication and the engagement through the following of the entire process necessary for the goods to reach the target location or client.

Local transport

SC Logistics NS provides services of national distribution of goods for clients, organization of transport of goods in Serbia. Transport of goods is carried out by smaller delivery vehicles, vans, trucks and freight trucks, and there’s also the option of transport from several loading and unloading locations.

– We have a unique service of pallet distribution of shipments in Serbia without limits as to the weight or the volume of the goods or the location of the delivery – the company points out.

Transport of goods by van for smaller shipments on shorter routes saves time and money. Also, full or partial freight truck transport of goods is possible, regardless of the destinations in Serbia.

– We provide services of goods transport through return tours and reloading tours, which ensures the affordability of our prices. Goods transport by our vehicles and the vehicles of our reliable associates, producers, means that, at any moment, we are able to provide a suitable vehicle in the shortest amount of time possible. We carry out the services of delivery/picking up of shipments today for the next day – the company says.

The securing of an adequate transport vehicle per client demand, special and regular vehicles, following the time of loading, reloading and transport of goods, regular contact and reporting on the progress of the transport, a timely recovery of the packaging and the goods and the transport documentation are all possible.

International transport

SC Logistics NS provides transport services from the entire Europe and to the entire Europe.

– Regardless of what the end destination in the world is, our team is able to provide adequate logistics services within the agreed deadlines and at affordable prices.

When it comes to international transport, all kinds of services of transport of all kinds of goods are available, as is the transport of special kinds of goods, which requires special vehicles with different equipment or conditions. They also provide the services of organization of special transport and transport of ADR goods in line with the laws and the standards.

– Our everyday job is to solve the clients’ demands and follow the current shipments, to prepare goods and obtain the necessary documentation so that the transport of goods by truck would start as soon as possible and so that the goods would be quickly and safely delivered to the address while maintaining the quality of the work and a regular communication with the client.

The services of transport are available to and from: Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Albania, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Azerbaijan and many other countries.

They organize full-container-load (FCL) and less-than-container-load (LCL) transport.

FCL transport: organization of full freight truck, truck or van transport in export and import, to all destinations. We provide the basic services of goods transport for international transport of goods, and our company also obtains all the necessary permits and prepares full customs documentation for you so that the goods would pass through all customs controls without a problem and arrive to its destination. The full service enables the clients to simplify the transport of goods. It is up to your team to set the destinations, quantities and the kind of goods and the date when the goods are ready and when you want them to arrive, and you can leave the rest to our reliable logistics team.

LCL transport: organization of LCL transport, regardless of the quantity and the dimensions of the shipments. Our recommendation is to use our LCL transport service for the transport of smaller amounts of goods which do not take up the entire loading capacity. LCL transport is the most practical and economical form of transport for the purpose of road transport of smaller amounts of goods. In LCL transport, it is not rare that the delivery of the shipment is quicker, that the price of transport is lower, and the risks related to the transport are also lower. The organization of transport by vans and trucks of various capacities enables the transport of all kinds of goods at affordable prices, in an efficient manner and within the set deadlines. We provide return and reloading LCL transport services from all European cities. The import or the export of the necessary quantities of goods, the reduction of storage needs and stocking up, along with the unnecessary costs and use of space, are all enabled through LCL transport. Also, there is no minimum amount of goods that can be transported.

Illustration (Photo: Nightman1965/shutterstock.com)
Rail transport

The organization of goods transport by rail is available in trains, car groups and in the form of rail car shipments. Also, complete transport of goods from ports, such as Rijeka and Koper, is possible.

– The connection of our team with other rails enables us to ensure the most efficient conditions of transport.

Air transport

SC Logistics NS provides a full service of preparation of documentation, customs mediation and securing of goods.

– Excellent connections through the world enable us to organize the transport of shipments in line with international standards very quickly for our clients.

Boat transport

Boat transport enables a simpler and more efficient transport of large amounts of goods and oversize cargo.

– We provide the service of organization of transport by containers, the transport of full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). LCL is needed for transporting smaller amounts of goods from remote destinations.

The goods are transported in a container with other goods, whereby a practical reduction of the price of transport of the container itself is enabled.

For additional information, contact the company:

23 Lasla Gala Street,
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Phone: +38121/48 999 99
Fax: +38121/48 999 90

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