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Free Zone Pirot Ranks High on Traffic Connections, Business Digitalization, Support in Fighting COVID-19 and Development of Logistics Center Pirot Project

(Photo: Slobodna zona Pirot)
The publication dealing with foreign investments “fDi – Global Free Zones on the Year 2020” gives high praise to Free Zone Pirot when it comes to the development of the “Team Sharing” platform for digitalization, monitoring and automation of export/import processes of the tenants, the further expansions of the area and the activities in realizing the Logistics Center Pirot project.

Among the best free zones in the world, Free Zone Pirot has also received Bespoke Awards for:

– Connectivity, whereby the construction of the Pan-European Corridor X, which connects the city of Belgrade with Sofia and Istanbul, will augment Free Zone Pirot’s strategic position in the Balkans and easy connection to Corridors IV and VIII, which offer the shortest traffic link to Italy, Turkey and Greece.
– COVID-19 support. Free Zone Pirot realized the “HealthyFree Zones” program, in which the health and hygiene of workers and companies are taken care of through restriction and termination of official travel of employees in order to reduce the spreading of the virus; working from home for anyone who can; and additional security measures at logistics and customs terminals.
– Startup support, whereby the Republic of Serbia enables newly founded companies to realize investment projects in Free Zone Pirot.

Free Zone Pirot Continues Supporting the Realization of the Logistics Center Pirot project, which contains 2 main components: land of 40 hectares, equipped with the infrastructure, including traffic routes, some of which have already been built, and an intermodal terminal of the initial capacity of 12,000 TEU a year, which will primarily be meant for the reloading of containers between the road and the rail, in both directions. This concept of an industrial park with an intermodal terminal makes the Pirot District more attractive for foreign investments, primarily when it comes to production companies and distribution centers active in the exporting/importing business, considering a direct connection of the Corridor X highway. Good logistics connection of Free Zone Pirot with the Port of Burgas – transport of raw materials for the users in containers – and the Port of Thessaloniki – also pertaining to the transport of goods in containers – has also been realized. Indirect benefits of LCP are even bigger and are reflected in a lower number of traffic accidents, emission of greenhouse gases, noise, traffic jams, connecting with intermodal hubs in Europe and the creation of new jobs.

The estimated value of the construction of the intermodal terminal is EUR 11.6 million, and the buyout of parcels for the purposes of the construction of the intermodal terminal on 3.7 ha is also in progress. Also, a preliminary design, an arrangement of the necessary facilities within the intermodal terminal, has been prepared, their value has been estimated and a financing model has been projected. We are working with representatives of the City of Pirot on finding the funds for the realization of the project activities and getting funds from the European Union.

Vladimir Ilic
Vladimir Ilic (Photo: Slobodna zona Pirot)

The accompanying logistics services of Free Zone Pirot enable the users to finish all their exporting/importing paperwork obligations in a single place. The forwarding sector of Free Zone Pirot, with its customs representation licenses, enables a very quick realization of the procedure of the export and import of goods. The presence of the customs unit and the customs check terminal also contributes to the efficacy. We have a parking area for 40 freight vehicles with the accompanying infrastructure, on whose expansion we are working intensively, so that we would enable larger capacities and an increased quality of service for truck drivers.

We also provide the services of organization of local and international transport, storage and reloading of goods. We are connected with the local self-government, the government`s institutions and the customs facilities, so as to help our users realize their activities as efficiently as possible.

– We are working on the digitalization of our business and communications, which will provide the existing users with higher efficiency and flexibility. We are also continuing our cooperation with free zones worldwide by exchanging experiences and good practices and complying with and improving the hygienic measures to the end of reducing the risk of further COVID-19 infection. In the past month, we have installed two blocks of container offices, with each block containing 4 containers, which can be adapted as billing counters separate from the main building, in an attempt to avoid physical contacts between the drivers and the employees and thereby stop the spreading of COVID-19 – said Vladimir Ilic, the CEO of Free Zone Pirot.

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