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Milsped Group – New Projects, New Capacities and New Operations

Illustration (Photo: nattanan726/shutterstock.com)
In its 27 years of operations, Milsped Group has proven to be one of the largest logistics companies in the Balkans and Europe. As a company which always puts the clients first, we try to keep up with all the logistics companies in the world and, in line with this, we expand our operations, improve our services, increase our capacities, invest in new projects, employ new people and provide an opportunity to young people to acquire the kind of experience that one can get only in the biggest European companies.

In order to provide a fully integrated service, which is also efficient, economical and ecologically sustainable, Milsped Group has started building its intermodal terminal in Popovac near Nis, where it will combine various forms of transport. The plan is for the works to be completed by the end of the year and for the terminal to be operational by early 2021.

Thanks to its location, the terminal is very well connected with all international roads, as well as logistics and industrial centers in Serbia. The fact that the terminal is located only 2 km from the highway which leads to Belgrade, Sofia and Thessaloniki proves how attractive its position is. The plan is for this location to also cover Kosovo and Metohija, east Bulgaria, North Macedonia, the route from Nis to Greece and Turkey. The focus is on rail routes, considering that the location is a hub between the east and the south, and on connecting with other intermodal terminals in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Slovenia...

As for the development of the terminal itself, it will be realized in three phases. The first phase entails the construction of a container terminal, with the accompanying parking area and the management building, all on 4 hectares. This terminal will have the function of a dry terminal, modeled after those in Europe. The second phase will entail the construction of storage space of 15,000 m2 with an internal track and all warehouses will be of the high-bay variety. The plan for the third phase is to build a warehouse of 18,000 m2. The Popovac terminal will have three rail tracks of a total of 1,000 m.

The new features for Serbia, until now unavailable and now to be made possible at the Popovac intermodal terminal, are the possibility of the handling of IMO cargo and the handling of semi-trailers and trailers. In addition to these new features, the handling, loading and unloading of containers RF handling of containers and PTI services will be enabled. The planned capacity of this terminal is 50,000 TEU.

Illustration (Photo: MOLPIX/shutterstock.com)
The opening of the Nis intermodal terminal and its connecting with the ports in the region, but also in the world, will contribute to a reduction of external costs of transportation, whereby the goods from central, eastern and southern Serbia will have more competitive prices in markets throughout the world. This will additionally accelerate the development and the inflow of foreign investments to all parts of Serbia.

Milsped Group is carrying out another big project, whose preparations are in progress and which is also expected to start operating in early 2021. This is the ONE courier service, whereby we will provide our clients with an additional service in distributing shipments, delivering them, initially, the next day in several time intervals. Through the same service, we will provide all users with additional services with the possibility of following the shipment from its being taken over to the delivery, the securing of shipments, personal delivery and the option of recovery of signed advice of receipt and many other things...

In mid-2021, the plan is to start implementing package-dispensing devices and package shops throughout Serbia, where clients, in case of an unsuccessful delivery, will be able to take over the shipment at any time, at the closest dispenser or shop location, or, per request, at another location, depending on what suits them the most.

We have set a task for ourselves to always pay attention to our clients` needs and to provide them with the best sustainable solutions, expanding our capacities and providing additional services which contribute to upgrading our business operations.

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