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RENTAL OF BUSINESS AND GARAGE FACILITIES expires: Mon 02/04/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 PE City Housing Enterprise Kraljevo
SALE OF FIELDS IN KO KLJAJIĆEVO expires: Fri 30/03/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 Zemljoradnička zadruga Kljajićevo
RENTAL OF BUSINESS SPACE expires: Tue 03/04/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 City of Subotica
SALE OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY expires: Wed 04/04/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 BUSINESS SPACE IN LESKOVAC AND IVANJICA- Commercial Company Tehnohemija AD Belgrade
DISPOSAL OF PARCEL NO. 9450/1 I 9451 KO SOMBOR 1 expires: Fri 27/04/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 City of Sombor
DISPOSAL OF THE BUILDING LAND IN PUBLIC OWNERSHIP FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONSTRUCTION expires: Mon 23/04/2018 | published: Fri 23/03/2018 City of Šabac
LEASE OF THE GYM expires: Sun 01/04/2018 | published: Thu 22/03/2018 Primary School Radoje Domanović Niš
RENTAL OF OFFICE SPACE IN IVANJICA expires: Mon 26/03/2018 | published: Fri 16/03/2018 Hunting Association Čemernica in Ivanjica
RENTAL OF THE BUSINESS SPACE IN THE OWNERSHIP OF THE MUNICIPALITY BOLJEVAC expires: Mon 26/03/2018 | published: Fri 16/03/2018 Municipality Boljevac
DISPOSAL OF BUILDING LAND AT THE LOCATION OF AUTOKOMANDA, MUNICIPALITY VOŽDOVAC expires: Mon 16/04/2018 | published: Thu 15/03/2018 PE Directorate for Building Land and Construction of Belgrade