Source: Vijesti | Thursday, 31.07.2014.| 13:06
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Dusko Knezevic definitely remains without his share in 'Atlas Capital Center'

'Atlas Group' , owned by Dusko Knezevis, has been left without its share in Podgorica based 'Atlas Capital Center', which was built together with the private investment company 'Capital investment' from the United Arab Emirates.
'Capital investment' has become a sole owner of this residential and commercial complex.
According to the news agency 'Vijesti', the two companies 'Atlas Group' and 'Capital investment' will continue collaboration in other projects.
On July, 23rd, 'Vijesti' published that Dusko Knezevic's 'Atlas Group' was left without its 23% share in 'Atlas Capital Center'.
It happened due to unfulfilled agreement between the partners, and besides delays in construction, the Arabs complained that several million EUR had been inappropriately spent without their knowledge, as 'Vijesti' finds out from several sources.
'Atlas' representatives stated that they were not familiar with such money expenditure.
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