Source: Tanjug | Sunday, 20.07.2014.| 16:43

Russian billionaire wants Sveti Stefan

Russian billionaire, Vladislav Doronin, started negotiations with Greek businessmen, Petros Statis, on takeover or partnership in Adriatic properties which is a lease of elite Montenegrin hotel complex, Sveti Stefan- Milocer, reports.

As the portal reminds, in early May, Doronin officially became majority owner of Aman group hotel chain which at the same times manages the city-hotel,Sveti Stefan, and the Milocer villa.

Doronin is running negotiations with Statis exactly at the moment when the decision should be made on whether a lease will be approved numerous conveniences which the Government of Montenegro suggested to the parliamentwith an option of building a suite complex at the Milocer park.

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