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Bus station with 15 arrival and 58 departure terminals, railway station with 8 platforms - See how future complex in New Belgrade's Block 42 will look like

the winning design by Proaspekt team
the winning design by Proaspekt team

New main bus station in New Belgrade will have arrival and 58 departure terminals, while the future main railway station will have 8 platforms; it has been said today at the presentation of the urban-architectonic solution of new facilities in Block 42. The first awarded solution which will serve as the base for further project and plan development is the work of the Proaspekt team with Vladimir and Milan Lojanica.

The future complex in New Belgrade which will, apart from railway and bus station, comprise attractive business premises as wel, will occupy some 21 hectares. When it is completed, some 180.000 square meters of business space should be constructed in this part of the town (including station facilities). Three towers of 23 floors, 70 meters high will be the special stamp to this location.

The competition objective was to get the most quality solution for new traffic terminals in the central zone of New Belgrade as well as for business-commercial facilities. The winning preliminary design, as well as other works submitted, has been presented today at the Urban Bureau of the City of Belgrade.

The City Manager, Goran Vesic as well as the director of the Urban Bureau, Nebojsa Stefanovic, attended the presentation. Based on the first awarded solution, the Urban Bureau will now move into the development of the detailed regulation plan.

- The relocation will enable something we wanted for decaded. We will tru to integrate all other traffic aspects as well and to make Block 42 something it has not been up till now – the City Manager pointed out.

The investor of the competition was the Directorate for construction land and construction of the City of Belgrade.

Proaspekt - view of the bus station from Jurija Gagarina Street
Proaspekt - view of the bus station from Jurija Gagarina Street

The Urban Bureau will now start development of the Detailed regulation plan based on the first ranked design. Not everything will remain the same but the project will serve as the starting point, Vesic added.

The project of Proaspekt will also be developed with the second-ranked design of Dragan Vukovic and Kolubara invest gradnja as well as with another four purchased designs.

Vesic added that the new complex in Block 42 will comprise 180.000 square meters of quality space as well as that he expects that very soon companies ready to invest in their construction will be found.

As it was planned, new bus station will provide space for both companies – BAS and Lasta.

The author of the first awarded project, an architect, Vladimir Lojanica, pointed out that the task was not easy at all and that the competition was very strong.

- We were trying to merge architecture with the tradition and modernism heritage of New Belgrade, i.e. to leave the stamp of our times in an adequate manner – an architect added.

Proaspekt - entrance to the bus station
Proaspekt - entrance to the bus station

Director of the Urban Bureau, Nebojsa Stefanovic, reminded that 54 designs for the construction of bus and railway station were submitted, eight of which from abroad - Italy, Bulgaria, Germany and Great Britain. However, one of the competition terms was that a team lead of architects has a designing license of the Republic of Serbia.

The end of June should see a prepared catalogue of all the works and expert discussions will be organized as well. Apart from that, by the end of June, at the hall of the Urban Bureau building in Palmoticeva 30, exhibition of all the works which were submitted at the competition will be set up.

Here are a few details from the first awarded work of the Proaspekt team.

The bus station takes the central position of the block; the railway station is located along the north edge of the platform facilities and between them. The commercial and business center is located along the part of the block in Jurija Gagarina and Antifasisticke borbe streets. Supermarket is located along the edge zone of the block, along the Jurija Gagarina Street.

The bus and the railway stations will have an access zone, a bus building and platforms. The commercial facilities will be located in three subunits: on site (as separate block subunit) and in business towers.

The design implies that the entire complex is built in a few stages. The first stage refers to construction of the bus station in the scope which complies with the needs related to relocation of the Sava amphitheatre. It is not necessary to build all the platforms now or all facilities in the complex ground floor or floor. The second stage implies addition to the bus station facilities as well as the implementation of the railway complex in two steps.

The third stage includes the option of construction of hotel complex, business center and trading and servicing facilities. In the last, the fourth stage, it is necessary to construct the remaining business facilities. Apart from that, if railway platforms are not covered by that time, it will be done in this stage.

Take a look at the list of awarded authors and check up on our gallery for the design of these solutions!

The first prize

- Proaspekt team, authors Vladimir Lojanica i Milan Lojanica; designers Sonja Pesterac and Marija Mijovic; designing cooperation Srdjan Marlovic; model Vlada Lukic.

The second prize

- Author Dragan Vukovic, Kolubara invest gradnja.

The third prize was not awarded.

Four equally worthy purchases

1. Team of authors: Emina Savic, Filip Grzetic and Sveta Teofilovic; associates Zora Scepanovic, Ivona Klem, Ivana Popovic and Julija Lazic; the work was done at Masinoprojekt kopring Beograd.

entrance to the railway station and the square facing Milutina Milankovica Street
entrance to the railway station and the square facing Milutina Milankovica Street

2. Autors: Aleksandar Leko and Ratomir Vracarevic, coauthors Milica Lambrin, Tea Konstantinovic, Aleksandra Prastalo; 3D model Dusan Nenadovic, construction consultant Ivan Bojovic; landscape architecture consultant Vesna Nadazdin-Ljubicic, mechanical installations consultants Radoslav Galic Quiddita, consultant for fire protection Milovan Glavonjic Midvej MGV.

3. Authors: Helena Sacka, Veljko Mladenovic, Tamara Petrovic Komlenic, Tijana Tomasevic Zelic, Milan Pavicevic; saradnik Zoran Pavlovic; Consultants Zoran Rubinjoni, Ognjen Djurovic; authorized legal entity for presentation: The center for planning of urban development CEP.

Team of authors KANA Architects: Ljilja Brajkovic, Spasoje Radomilovic, Marina Ilic, Aleksandra Djordjevic, Bojana Popovic and Nevena Balalic; architectonic visualization EDIT studio Uros Nesic and Igor Kozic; a consultant for central city functions and urban mobility Ksenija Lalovic, the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade; a consultant for traffic terminals Zoran Papic the Faculty of technical sciences Novi Sad; model by Aleksandar Kotevski.

Two equally-worthy compensations

1. Author: Dejan Jokic; consultants for traffic solution Ivan Djunisijevic, Jovan Teofilovic, Milan Strugarevic.

2. The work was done within the Normotic bureau- the team of authors: Zoran Dmitrovic, Vidoje Djukanovic, Ana Jevtic, Marija Radojlovic, Danijela Mijovic; associates Ana Stakic; visualization Zoran Damjanovic; organizer Dragana Rancic.


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preliminary design railway station Novi Belgrade
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Vlada Lukic
Emina Savic
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Ivona Klem
Ivana Popovic
Julija Lazic
Aleksandar Leko
Ratomir Vracarevic
Milica Lambrin
Tea Konstantinovic
Aleksandra Prastalo
Dusan Nenadovic
Ivan Bojovic
Vesna Nadaždin Ljubicic
Radoslav Galic
Milovan Glavonjic
Helena Sacka
Veljko Mladenovic
Tamara Petrovic Komlenic
Tijana Tomasevic Zelic
Milan Pavicevic
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Zoran Rubinjoni
Ognjen Đurovic
Ljilja Brajkovic
Spasoje Radomilovic
Marina Ilic
Aleksandra Đorđevic
Bojana Popovic
Nevena Balalic
Uros Nesic
Igor Kozic
Ksenija Lalovic
Zoran Papic
Aleksandar Kotevski
Dejan Jokic
Ivan Djunisijevic
Jovan Teofilovic
Milan Strugarevic
Zoran Dmitrovic
Vidoje Djukanovic
Ana Jevtic
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Danijela Mijovic
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