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Fishermen's village for the Danube and net lovers - Construction of bungalows, small marine and car camp in Rtkovo at Kladovo underway

the Danube at Rtkovo
the Danube at Rtkovo (Photo: b)
(Preliminary design of the Fishermen village Rtkovo)

The most eastern part of the Danube rope in Serbia is famous for the Trajan Emperor and the fortress from the period of the Suleiman the Great, but also as the place to enjoy – fishing. Ever since interested for fishermen and river lovers, Kladovo decided to build the first “fishermen village” in our country.

They will look for the funds in the European Funds for the cross-border crossing and until that time they are working on the preparation of the project so that they would be able to apply in the fall already, eKapija finds out in the Tourist organization of Kladovo.

The fishermen’s village will be located in the Rtkovo village, at the Danube coast. The basic idea is – environmental settlement, with preserving nature and with small amounts. Wooden bungalows and in the latter stage a car camp should be built on an area occupying a hectare.. This way, patient fishermen could host their families as well during the holiday. Construction of the central facility with a day-care center, a mini kitchen, tv hall and shower cabins.

- The Tourist Organization of the Kladovo municipality initiated this idea with Rtkovo settlement. The settlement would be built form wood. It should really be a low-budget project and that it does not require additional investments for maintenance of houses but thaht they should last some 10 years. After that, new ones would be purchased - Nevenka Boldorac, manager of the Tourist Organization of the Kladovo said for eKapija.

The Directorate for Planning and City Construction of Kladovo has developed a preliminary design and the now the development of the main project design finalizing the look of the Fishermen’s village is in progress.

the Danube at Rtkovo
the Danube at Rtkovo (Photo: b)

-The preliminary design anticipates a bit more expensive variance of the fishermen’s village than we previously planned. In fact, only when the project finishes, everything will be defined. We are impatient to finish the project because it will enable us to apply for cross-border cooperation funds. I believe by the fall we could apply – our collocutor explains.

According to the first estimations, it would be necessary to set aside EUR 100.000 for a bungalow-settlement. The same amount would be approximately necessary for car camp maintenance.

It is anticipated to install a lookout, with a wharf for boats, i.e. a small marine with essential maintenance equipment. Guests would be welcomed form water as well. They believe that yachts from Austria, Germany, Hungary and other countries would not be left out.

The construction of the fishermen’s village will be important for citizens of Rtkovo and vegetable growers and others who will thus be able to sell to tourists and fishermen their products. The overall project is actually designed as a chance to develop a village. Rtkovo would be the model and after that good practice would be shared in a number of villages along the Danube – in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Every fishermen’s village would have its own local stamp but the services would be standardizes do the guests could get quality service in any of these countries. Of course, before the construction starts, municipalities would have to provide necessary infrastructure.

Apart from the "knights of fishing rod ", "Fishermen’s village Rtkovo" would attract campers who, as a group of tourists, believe it or not, are famous for spending the most. Except from that, Kladovo which is at the EuroVelo 6 cycling path, could be interesting for owners of bicycles.

the Danube at Rtkovo
the Danube at Rtkovo (Photo: b)


The Rtkovo village is the one most east in the plane Kljuc, situated at the high terrace above the Danube. It is very old. At the Austrian map “Timisoara Banat” it was marked as Rtkovo and next to it Serbaha place.

Data prove that it had 35 houses in 1736.

"The Danube rope"

On the last week’s meeting of the Kladovo local self-governance, Bulgarian Vidin area and the Association for development of settlements and regions of Hungary, another project was presented – “the Danube rope". The objective is to connect municipalities and tourist organizations at the down current of the Danube, with historical and natural heritage in order to prepare mutual tourist offer.

As it has been previously said, the priority is that partners invest their potentials and thus become attractive to the European investment funds.

The Mayor of the Kladovo Municipality, Radovan Arezina, pointed out that within a 100 kilometer diameter around Kladovo, there is a million people and that the Danube connects them.


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