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Delhaize starts construction of Stara Pazova-based distribution center - An investment of EUR 50 mil and 750 vacancies

Future center
Future center

Yesterday in Stara Pazova, Delhaize began construction of the first distribution center which will cost approximately EUR 50 mil and another 750 workers will be hired.

The new distribution center will be ready in late 2014, on the area of ​​70,000 m2, with the option to expand the capacity up to 125,000 square meters in the upcoming years.

It is connected with three key travel route and will have with 100 loading and unloading points, where 250 trucks could leave from. The distribution center will be able to deliver 6,500 pallets daily which h is sufficient to supply 450 stores and will be able to support growing retail network of companies in the region. The use of modern materials in construction will enable better energy efficiency of buildings with up to 15% lower carbon quantity. Companies from Serbia will carry out the majority of works.

President and CEO of Delhaize Group, Pierre-Olivier Beckers pointed out the importance of this distribution center for Delhiaze Group business operations in the region:

- Less than two years ago, Delhaize Group decided to enter Serbian market. We have never hidden our faith and ambition in the region. While we were looking for markets which could potentially grow, we spotted Serbia. Since Delhaize Group has already been present in Romania and Greece, the region was unknown to us and we knew that by purchasing Delta Max, we will be able to rely simultaneously and take advantage of our expertise and to learn from our experience.

- We do not want to stop here. The construction of a new distribution center means that there is a good opportunity for growth. For this year, we have scheduled the opening of 150 new stores in Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Indonesia. I was very excited when it comes to the dynamics of the region in general and this country in particular. Yes, these are challenging times for everyone, but I am comforted to know that we can rely on a strong and experienced team. I look forward to watching how this building is becoming a symbol of the future company growth.

President of Stara Pazova municipality pointed out geographical position of the town and added that the main reason why Delhaize selected this municipality of easier transport and highway access enables by the knot which will be constructed on Nova Pazova way.

Health safety and unchanged quality of food that are delivered to the retail network: better regulation and monitoring of all parameters important for the preservation of the quality and products safety (among other things, organizing routes of "clean" and "dirty" goods in the distribution center is such that these routes do not intersect).

Controlled temperature regimes and the options of daily deliveries of products are especially important for fresh assortment, because in this way consumers provided safe product with maximum quality preserved.

Delhaize representatives day that the new distribution center will enable greater centralization and fewer deliveries to shops, which simplifies the process of delivering the goods and generates savings.

Building feautres

The building will be occupy 25.1 hectares. Thus, according to announcements planned for the first phase, the building basically has 70,000 square meters with a possible extension to 125.000m2.

The ambient atmosphere occupies 44.400 m2, fruits and vegetables 8,000 m2, the cold zone 7,000 m2, 3,500 m2 of fresh meat and frozen meat 4,600 m2.

The center will have 83,000 pallet positions, 67,000 of which in ambient zone, fruits and vegetables will have 3,200, 7,600 cold zone, fresh meat 600 and 5,000 pallets for frozen food.

Innovations in construction

The construction will imply usage of modern materials and the latest technologies that deliver cost savings and rational energy use (modern insulation, waste management - reducing to zero since, unified system for irrigation of the surrounding green space, the latest technology and methods of cooling, etc.)

The building will be energy efficient with a smaller carbon footprint more than 15 percent (lower CO2 emissions compared to the distribution center of the same capacity would be built without modern technology).

Also, the distribution center will have a gravitation pallet shelves - shelves for storage of high frequency goods at a low angle to accelerate delivery of goods in pallets, then gravitational shelves for boxes - enabling delivery of goods in small quantities, opening the original box, which better meets the needs of small assortment of shops

The interesting thing is what voice issuing of orders for goods preparation will be provided (instead of the previous textual). This allows greater efficiency in work because all instructions are received via recorded messages, and voice commands are issued.


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