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Prva Nova Banja spa center opens in Banja Vrujci - 5.5-hectare tourist complex to be finished soon

(Banja Vrujci spa)

Prva Nova Banja spa center is opened in Banja Vrujci spa, local electronic media announced on Friday (July 22nd, 2011)

The owner is Milisav Cutovic, a professor at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. The construction of this spa center commenced few years ago, but its completion was conditioned by the inflow of funds, which were provided without the help of domestic and foreign co-investors.

He announced that the construction of a 5.5-hectare complex on both sides of the Toplica river, between Gornja Toplica-Banja Vrujci road on the right bank and Voda Voda water factory on the left bank of the river, would be finished soon.

The visitors of the spa center in Vrujci, of which number in the summer season reaches few thousands a day, are offered a massage with the elixirs made of raspberries, watermelons or plums.

Mionica Mayor Milan Matic said that the tourism development would create the opportunities for the improvement of agricultural production, as well as rural tourism, thus contributing to the reduction of unemployment rate in that municipality.

Milisav Cutovic, author of Cigota program on Zlatibor mountain, says that similar spa centers are also under construction in the neighboring European countries, modeled after the ones in the USA, and cited the example of Slovenia where such spa tourism accounts for 14.4 percent of the country's total revenue from tourism, which amounts to EUR 1.5 billion.

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