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Oplenacko Vinogorje to Get Another Winery – Tourist Complex with Tower, Restaurant and Pools Planned in Donja Satornja Near Topola

(Photo: Arplan/Urbanistički projekat, screenshot)
Oplenacko Vinogorje, a famous winemaking area, is to get another Winery. In the village of Donja Satornja near Topola, Zemun-based companies Tref Line and Prokopije plan to build capacities for the production of wine and a tourist complex.

According to the project prepared by the Arplan studio from Arandjelovac, on the three parcels of around 1.22 ha in total, which are currently agricultural land, the winery, a lodging facility, a restaurant, bungalows, a sports court, pools and a lookout tower are to be built.

In close proximity to the Buljinovac location in Donja Satornja is the agricultural land which will feature vineyards owned by the investor, Tref Line.

The winery, consisting of a cellar and a ground floor, will take up 1,769.80 m2, with a production part, storage of finished products and materials for the resting of wines in bottles and barrels, an administrative part and a visitors' area.

The hospitality part of the winery should have a capacity of 48 chairs and 6 parking spots, whereas a total of 16 parking spots are planned for the whole winery.

(Photo: Arplan/Urbanistički projekat, screenshot)
The investor in the tourist complex is Prokopije. The complex will feature a single-floor lodging facility with 23 beds, with a restaurant on around 1,000 m2 and a capacity of 80 chairs, as well as a lookout tower within the lodging facility. It will also feature 6 bungalows with a total of 12 beds and a universal sports court, a pool for adults and a pool for children.

The entire tourist complex will take up 2,276.71 m2 and have a total of 15 parking spaces.

According to the planning documentation, the plan also includes the building of a power line, two impermeable septic tanks (one for each complex), a sewer system and TC infrastructure.

Water supply will be internal, in the location itself, through a well. All rainwater will be collected by the green areas, so a special drainage system is not planned.

The urban project of the winery and the tourist complex is up for public review at the City Administration building and on the website of the Municipality of Topola until October 2.

B. Petrovic

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