Source: Dnevnik | Wednesday, 09.09.2020.| 14:42
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Most expensive vacation home in Zlatibor sold for EUR 253,000 - Cheapest vacation home near Zrenjanin cost EUR 1,000

(Photo: Aleksandar Parezanović)
Protection measures such as quarantines and self-isolation in the first wave of Covid-19 virus have contributed to growing interest in purchase of vacation homes.

According to the recent Republic Geodetic Authority semi-annual report, in the first six months of 2020. the interest in purchase of vacation homes increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. The Authority report states that 551 sale contracts were signed, the most of which were for locations in Vojvodina, writes Dnevnik daily.

It is evident after going through the report that Srem District saw the best sales of vacation homes, since the largest number of contracts were signed in Indjija municipality – 98, followed by Novi Sad – 35 and Sremski Karlovci – 28.

Although there wasn't any information of the exact location of the homes, except that the attractive tourist spots recorded no spike in sales, it was noted that the homes were built in weekend-settlements near the Danube river, on Fruska Gora and in the vicinity of nature reserves.

One of the details stated said that there was a notable rise in sales vacation homes priced above EUR 20,000 which could mean that the price of houses increased, that the new owner looked for more valuable property and that it was due to coronavirus epidemic.

The report shows that the most valuable vacation property is located in Srem. The most expensive vacation home was sold in Indjija for EUR 200,000 while a vacation home in Irig was sold for EUR 130,000. A vacation home in Beocin went for a lot less – EUR 50,000. In the Backa region, namely in Novi Sad the most expensive vacation home cost EUR 110,000 and in Banat region the most expensive vacation home went for almost two-and-a-half times less and it was sold in Bela Crkva for EUR 49,000.

Aside from the price, no other details were stated so there is no information on the number of rooms or bathrooms, which balcony has the best view or the size of the land plot, whether there was a garden plot and what it entailed. At the same time, there we buyers for vacation homes with prices several times lower,

The cheapest vacation home cost EUR 1,000. The purchase contract was made in the City of Zrenjanin.

A vacation home in the area of the City of Subotica was sold for only EUR 5,000 and in Irig, where one of the most expensive houses was sold, there were buyers for a vacation home priced at only EUR 3,100.

Zlatibor is the most expensive, Golubac is the cheapest

The price of vacation home across the rest of the country are much higher. The priciest vacation home in the first six months of 2020 was the vacation home in Zlatibor – sold for EUR 235,000.

The vacation home in Grocka is next, sold for EUR 150,000.

In Sopot the most expensive vacation home cost EUR 69,000. Vacation home in Golubac was sold at a much lower price – at EUR 29,000. Golubac is considered increasingly attractive tourist destination, being in the vicinity of a medieval fortress which was recently fully reconstructed.

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