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Towers next to the Danube - company "Razvoj blok 12" purchased one of most attractive locations in Belgrade

Business organization "Razvoj blok 12" has purchase one of the most attractive locations in Belgrade, in New Belgrade's Block 12, and presented several ideas for organization of the space alongside the Danubian Quay.

According to the proposal by studio "Laguarda.Low Architects LLC", two or three buildings can be built in the location between Nikole Tesle Boulevard and Trešnjinog Cveta Street, the height of which will depend on the Study whose elaboration is in progress. One of the proposals anticipates construction two buildings and a shopping center at the corner the block, while the other anticipates construction of the third tower, at the foot of which commercial "lifestyle" center would be situated.

The location of Block 12 that faces Nikole Tesle Boulevard is, along with Block 26, one of the most attractive in New Belgrade, with a wonderful view of the Danubian Quay and the building of SIV (Federal Executive Council).

- The investor is backed by the authorized structures in Belgrade, which approved of the initial phase of the plan design. Survey of the surface is done, the cooperation with public utility companies that are authorized for infrastructure is established, and the preparation phase is close to end. It is expected the the draft plan will soon be submitted the Secretariat of City Planning for examination and preparation for its forwarding to the City Commission for Plans for expert control. After that, the plan will be forwarded to the City Assembly, and the investor also expects that the adoption of the new Law on Planning and Construction will contribute to the efficiency and acceleration of this procedure and adoption of the plan in as short time as possible - says Ljubisav Đuričić from company "Razvoj Blok 12".

General Land-utilization Plan for this block enables construction of higher facilities, while the purpose of the land anticipates construction of residential and commercial facilities. The allowed building occupancy is 30%, which means that the rest of the block must be reserved for public and green surfaces. Traffic infrastructure around the block, which is fully developed with excellent traffic connections, contributes to the attractiveness of this lot.

- The investor will insist that the architectural shaping of future facilities be at as high level as possible and that the facilities be recognizable for their modern design and quality architectural solutions of modern architecture. One of such solutions is given by "Lagurada Low Architects". This is not the only and final solution and it is not definite position about the type and looks of future facilities, but only a suggestion that underlines certain capacities of the location. It is, definitely, the intention of the investor to select the architectural project that will improve the offer of this type of facilities in local market - people from company "Razvoj Blok 12" explained.

The lot in "Block 12" occupies 4 ha, and it is possible to build about 130,000 square meters within the block, half of which should be residential space. The base of the shopping center would occupy the surface of 10,000 square meters. The space between the buildings would be rich with greenery and water surface, while underground garages would be built for the needs of parking.

- There is a great interest in construction of a high-category hotel, so that it is likely that such hotel will be built in one part of the location. Also, the interest is great in construction of business buildings for larger corporations that want to have their own buildings. We hope that the necessary documentation provided by expert services and the City Assembly will be adopted in as short time as possible, which would create opportunity for commencement of realization of this significant investment - Đuričić added.

This land was earlier owned by "Energoprojekt", which planned construction of a hotel at 22,000 square meters with over 400 rooms in this location. However, this plan was changed by the economic crisis, so that the block was sold to business organization "Razvoj blok 12".

Three options

First: Two residential towers (42 and 28 floors), hotel (20 floors), space to let (4 floors)

Second: Two residential towers (35 floors each), hotel (30 floors), space to let (4 floors)

Third: Two residential towers (50 and 20 floors), hotel (30 floors), space to let (4 floors)

(Note: complete text is taken over from newspaper "Blic" of December 18, 2009)

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