Source: eKapija | Monday, 16.11.2009.| 15:20
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"Green buildings" for smaller expenses and better life - "Colliers" organizes training for LEED certificate

Jovica Jakovac
Jovica Jakovac (Photo: b)

Real estate company "Colliers International" organizes the training for engineers to help them earn LEED certificate, which confirms that its owner is skilled for "green" building.

The programme starts on November 18th and lasts until December 23rd, 2009, in the premises of company "Colliers" in New Belgrade.

"Green building" or "sustainable building" is energy-saving construction that guarantees smaller maintenance costs and healthier living or working environment.

- "Colliers", as the leader in the market of Serbia in green building, sees the organization of such training as a part of corporate responsibility. We have brought eminent experts from the USA to directly teach about 50 engineers from Serbia – the CEO of the company, Jovica Jakovac, told "eKapija".

Jovica Jakovac
Jovica Jakovac (Photo: b)

The participation fee for the training that will make earning of LEED certificate easier amounts to 12,000 RSD for the professionals and 4,000 RSD for students and those with less than two years of working experience, while 50% of the fees will be paid by USAID.

The researches show that the implementation of "green building" rules results in 13% lower maintenance costs and 26% smaller energy consumption, while the emmission of carbon-dioxide is reduced by one third.

The satisfaction of those who live or work in such buildings is increased by 27%.

According to Mr. Jakovac, "green building" is the necessity of the 21st century. When a building is certified as "sustainable" or "green building", it can be offered to the market at higher price, which means that the returns on the investment are much higher.

- The focus in such construction is placed on the method of construction, building materials, position of the building, etc., and if you want to sell such building, the fact is that the buildings certified as "green" reach 7- 9% higher selling price than the ones that are not "green" – said Jakovac.

These market conditions are the same even in the market of East Europe, of which "green building" is not at the same level of development as in Western Europe or America.

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