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Tourist complex "Srbija na dlanu" at Silver Lake - inevitable destination for promotion of Serbian tradition

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Ethno-restaurant, inn, taverns, church and various handicrafts are only parts of future tourist complex "Srbija na dlanu" at Silver Lake, which should revive Serbian tradition.

The investor is "Silver lake investment," and the open competition for preliminary architectural-urbanistic solution, of which selection is expected at the beginning of year 2010, is in progress.

According to the plan, the tourist center in Veliko Gradište will be a theme park whose contents will represent rural settlements from all over Serbia. The complex is intended for local and foreign tourists who would like to feel the unique spirit of our tradition. "Srbija na dlanu" should become an inevitable stop in the various cruising tours of the Danube.

The complex will comprise catering, accommodation, vocational-educational, retail and supplemental section.

The catering section will include ethno-restaurant, cafe, pastry shop, as well as archaic places for serving food and drinks, such as taverns.

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The accommodation section will include suites, that is, lodgings in individual facilities, which must meet the conditions for three-star category, and they also comprise 30 to 50 accommodation units.

Make Serbian traditional shoes, hunt fish and pick grapes

Vocational-educational contents will include traditional production activities in a Serbian village, and the vocations that may be represented within the complex are: blacksmith, carpenter, miller, tailor, rope maker, tanner, goldsmith, weaver, potter, etc.

The tourists will be presented traditional production through courses and handicraft workshops, and they will also have the possibility to watch the production process and join the work to experience creative tradition of our region.

Future visitors of the center will be able to learn how to do activities that are done in a village, such as cattle breeding, truck farming, husbandry, fruit growing, viticulture, etc. Educational contents will included hunting and fishing with the special focus on hunting and fishing territory of the Danube.

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Educational contents will also present traditional culture of nutrition, as well as folk customs related to baptisms, weddings, etc. Special content within this group is the church.

Handicrafts made in vocational-educational workshops will be sold in the souvenir shop.

The complex at Silver Lake should also comprise an exhibition space for permanent and occasional exhibitions of useful objects, works of art and other artifacts that are in connection with the tradition of Serbian village.

"Srbija na dlanu" will also have its own informative center where people will be able to get information on all contents and programmes within the complex, as well as to take tourist-advertising material. The complex will also comprise premises for organization of lectures, seminars, scientific meetings, congresses, banquets, celebrations, weddings, etc.

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