Source: Beta | Monday, 22.04.2019.| 15:41
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Third attempt at sale of Hotel Ozren in Niska Banja falls through – New public bidding on May 25

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Hotel Ozren in Niska Banja was not sold at the third public bidding, as there had not been any bids, just like the first two times, the Tax Administration confirms.

– Another call will be placed and if the hotel is not sold this way until May 25, we will try to sell it through direct bidding – the Tax Administration said.

The value of Ozren has been estimated at RSD 198 million, but it can't be sold for under 75% of the initial value, that is, under RSD 148 million at the public bidding.

Hotel Ozren is being sold as part of the enforced tax collection from the Ruma-based company Redwood, directly connected with Uniworld, belonging to Srba Ilic, an American businessman of American origin. Uniworld bought the Nis-based company Srbijaturist, which owned Ozren at the time.
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