Source: eKapija | Sunday, 14.06.2009.| 15:32
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Serbian representatives presented investments and investment opportunities in Serbia's real estate market at European real estate exhibition EXPO Italia 2009

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EXPO Italia 2009 was held between June 9 and 12 in Milan. It was the fourth issue of the manifestation, which is also known as EIRE, that is, Expo Italia Real Estate.

EIRE is the event that is dedicated to real estate development achievements. It was organized at a different time than the last year, so that Real Vienna and EXPO Italia finally took place at different times. The increase in number of visitors and larger exhibition space than at the last year’s issue of EIRE already showed how long-sighted and effective that move was.

This expo is primarily intended for Italian investors who, first of all, want to present their latest achievements, as well as to get potential developers interested in presenting their projects and ideas at this exhibition in Milan, that is, at “this real estate stock exchange“.

Some of the “interesting“ markets whose appearance at this year’s EIRE drew the attention of visitors are Brasil, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Turks especially stood out in the search for fresh investment capital, and they also benefited from the official visit of Turkish Prime Minister who, by visiting the national booth of Turkey, drew additional attention to their appearance and potentials for further development of Turkish real estate market.

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As far as Serbia and promotion of its existing potentials related to real estate development are concerned, once again we did not have any exhibitors at EIRE. That is why a mini presentation of projects by East Point, Port Beograd, Rudnap Group and Right Choice was organized. Judging from the first impressions and reactions of the invited guests, the presentation was excellent.

The representative of forthcoming REBEC ( used the visit to EIRE to promote everything that will take place at the end of June in Sava Center in New Belgrade, as well as contents and editorial policy of specialized trilingual magazine AG Real Estate.

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