Source: Lozničke novost | Sunday, 17.02.2019.| 10:56
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Loznica to get free zone – Planning documents prepared

Illustration (Photo: Carole Castelli/
The early public review of the Detailed Regulation Plan of the Industrial Zone Sepak has closed in Loznica. The plan also covers a future free zone of 38 ha and around twelve parcels. The zone will be an extension of the existing Free Zone Sabac. This is only one of the procedures necessary for the preparation of a new plan with certain amendments, which will contribute to normal operations of the future free zone.

The main reason for the adoption of the amendments to the DPR is the changing of the purpose of the traffic routes which will be located in the future free zone.

As Dragana Jovanovic, the Loznica city architect, explained for Loznicke Novosti, they will no longer be treated as public traffic routes, as the free zone is a bordered area. Instead, they will be internal traffic routes, meant for the users of the complex. This way, public companies will have the right of access to their infrastructures in case of malfunction, reconstruction, or something similar.

– These are minor changes, but they need to be carried out so that the free zone might function in line with certain regulations. The zone covers around 38 hectares and twelve parcels. There may be some changes, as the planning document has not yet been adopted and it is only a draft plan that is being done. The plan will clearly define the border of the free zone, which will include several important companies which have sent letters of intent, expressing their need to be located within the zone. These are Mint, Adient, Natura Trade. It all depends on a company’s interest and whether they are export-oriented or not, as this makes them exempt from paying the VAT. The zone in Loznica will be an extension of the Free Zone Sabac, considering that the number of free zones in the country is limited. The initiative for the expansion has been made and we are now waiting for authorization by higher authorities – Jovanovic says.

The public review is to be followed by the preparation of a draft plan, and then another month-long public review. The plan is expected to be completed in mid-March and put up before the National Assembly along with the initiative for the preparation of a study of the expansion of Free Zone Sabac.

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