Source: Vijesti | Tuesday, 12.06.2018.| 10:01

AMIA sells three apartments in Budva for 420 bitcoins

The company AMIA, owned by businessman Neil Emilfarb, has sold three luxury apartments in its residential complex Dukley Gardens in Zavala and the office-residential complex Dukley Residence, close to Stari Grad, for 420 bitcoins, or EUR 2.5 million in countervalue.

Bitcoin is a digital currency established in 2009, created by a process called mining. It's a cryptocurrency, meaning that it is protected through cryptography, which guarantees anonymity for the owner. It is not controlled by a central bank, and its value is determined in parallel stock exchanges on the internet and is susceptible to big leaps and drops.

As AMIA told Vijesti, this is the biggest sales and purchase of real estate in this cryptocurrency realized in Europe.

Back in late 2017, the company promoted its acceptance of this digital currency as a valid tender, which can be used to buy their real estate, but also to pay for the services at Hotel Dukley, the Dukley Beach Lounge restaurant and the Dukley Marina.
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