Source: Novosti | Tuesday, 10.04.2018.| 13:57
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Construction of residential-office complex of 36,600 m2 starts in Block 32 – Serbian Orthodox Church and PMC Inzenjering as investors

A residential-office complex is being built in the yard of the Church of Saint Demetrius, across from the new Mercator facility. The investors, the Serbian Orthodox Church and PMC Inzenjering, are to build 127 apartments and eight outlets on 36,600 m2. A two-tier underground garage will spread beneath the entire complex.

The mechanization has been present on the construction site in the attractive location in the Zorana Djindjica Blvd since March 8. The excavation for deep foundations of three facilities has started, Novosti reported on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

A building featuring office space will be located next to the church. The project also envisages two residential buildings. It will have eight floors, including the ground floor, as well as lofts with duplexes above. The commercial facility will have two floors less. It will feature outlets of 70 to 582 square meters.

The residential buildings with two entrances each will have separate elevators, underground garages, as well as two piazzettas. The top of the facility will feature luxurious five-room duplexes. Residential units will vary in area and spatial arrangement. Interested purchasers will thereby be able to buy one-room apartments, but also five-room ones.

According to the data available at the website of the Republic Geodetic Authority, the owner of 99% of the parcel 1172/24 is the Serbian Orthodox Church. This church parcel is registered as urban construction land, and a part is described as “other artificially created infertile land”. The future residential-office complex will take up a part of another parcel, 1171/1, which is owned by the Republic of Serbia. However, there is an entry showing that there's a restitution process run by Ljubica and Jelena Vujanovic.

The deadline for the completion of two residential and one office building is September 2019, and the contractor is Gradina Zemun.
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