Source: Tanjug | Sunday, 25.03.2018.| 18:03
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4,000 new construction sites in Serbia a year since the implementation of e-permit

(Photo: Suzana Obradović)
In mid-March 2018, there were 24,716 active construction sites in Serbia, which is 4,000 construction sites more than in 2017, as shown by the latest data from the System for Filing Electronic Applications, run by the Business Registers Agency.

The data on the construction and the exploitation permits issued show that, since the start of the reform of construction permits and the adoption of the new Law on Planning and Construction in late 2014, the number of active construction sites has increased by 4,000 annually, the Ministry of Construction says in its press release.

In November 2014, before the reform, there were around 500 construction sites in Serbia, whereas in 2015, there were close to 12,800 construction sites.

In 2016, the number increased by around 4,000 to 16,216, and the trend continued in 2017, when a total of 20,344 active construction sites were registered, says the press release.

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