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Higher investments in residential facilities in Vozdovac - What do further plans for Vojvode Stepe zone bring?

(From the Study on Early Public Insight - Coverage) The Municipality of Vozdovac is becoming more interesting for investors and real estate buyers. In order to meet investors’ increasing demand, a detailed planning of this part of the city is also necessary.

In order to make full use of the quality location of the wider area along the Vojvodina Stepa Street, the City of Belgrade is preparing a Detailed Regulation Plan for an area of approximately 4.6 hectares - area determined by the streets of Vojvode Stepe, Đure Mađerčić (at the northern end), SMT, (external main tangent at southern end - extension of Sasa Maskovic street) and planned Nova 1 (on the east side). This area is also defined as block 65 and block 66.

In this area, about 23,600 square meters of residential and 5,100 square meters of office space have been built. These capacities are used by 1,185 inhabitants and around 170 employees, which is "rare and uneven construction and unsustainable low utilization", according to urban planners. As stated in the study on early public inspection, about 90,000 m2 more of BRGP is expected in this area, or - about 60m euros in new real estate.

- If flats are functional, healthy and economical, given affordable and open location, another 1,200 households are expected here, or business premises for another 430 employees - it is stated in the documentation.

This plan has been designed to encourage interior and space development that has high functional potential and good traffic and utility infrastructure, but was not adequately built. There is a high interest of private investors for investment and construction, and the City for development, it was added.

Vojvode Stepe street has always been one of the more important roads in Belgrade, and its proximity to highway and good connection with the center and the new bridge over Ada towards Novi Beograd makes it an attractive residential zone, real estate Manager at Coreside, Srdjan Vujicic, reminds at interview for eKapija.

-Although we cannot talk about a prestigious residential location, it is undisputed that in this street - as well as surrounding, a price of square is more than appealing to future buyers, because it is 10 to 30% lower than in the center, Dorcol, Vracar, etc. Vozdovac has already begun to be very interesting to potential buyers, especially Lekino brdo and Sumice, and with the regulation of roads we can expect growth of investment in residential facilities throughout the municipality - our collocutor said.

What does a plan contain?
In order to properly define content, structure and capacity of planned, further allocation of space to urban areas is needed. It is planned to divide block 65 into three urban areas and block 66 in two zones, in total five urban zones in two blocks.

(Planned development of the area - ration and facility arrangement) Detailed regulation plan, for which development was in charge of Urbanistiq Belgrade, represents elaboration of General Regulation Plan and General Urban Plan of Belgrade.

Basic constraints for space development can be seen in difficulties of uneven dynamics of reconstruction of this area, because plots and ownership relations in attractive and well-equipped area along the Ulica vojvode Stepe (upper zone) are severed and uneven, while larger plots inland are incorrectly placed and without well (but well-planned) access and infrastructure.

Commercial facilities - Character of a new wide street of modern city center ("linear centers"), in whose blocks, on the ground floor towards the streets, active business (trade of various types and types, outlets, service and intellectual services, agencies, public services and administration, catering, craft shops, etc.) is expected, and on the floors also business (hotels, hostels or business facilities, store on the first floor, or offices and offices of independent specialists). In new buildings, a minimum of 20% will be for commercial purposes. According to previous estimates and model structure analyzes, approximately 17,300 m2 of BRGP commercial space is planned, with about 430 employees after the construction of full capacity.

Housing Facilities - On the floors above ground floor, according to investor’s plan, dominant multi-family residence can be organized, but only 80% of total area in one organizational unit. According to previous estimates and model structure analyzes, about 95,040 m2 of BRGP of residential space is planned, with about 3,564 inhabitants (of which about 143 children of pre-school age, after the construction of full housing capacity.

Public purposes in these blocks are not specifically marked or planned as mandatory, but can be invested and built as well as all the usual purposes of the city center.

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