Source: RTV | Thursday, 09.03.2017.| 09:40

Sremska Mitrovica stimulating development of tourism – Exemptions for future hoteliers adopted

Sremska Mitrovica
The City of Sremska Mitrovica will stimulate the development of tourism by enabling certain exemptions to investors interested in raising accommodation capacities in the coming period.

The decision was made at the latest session of the local parliament, when the deputies adopted a document defining the criteria for determining the contributions for the development of building land.

The statistics show that around 14,000 people visit Sremska Mitrovica a year (looking by residential tax). The city offers a number of attractive locations which draw in tourists and which are often impossible to visit in the course of a single day.

Considering the city's interest in developing tourist capacities and creating tourist zones for the construction of hotels and side features, there was a need to adopt a new decision regarding the creation of conditions for attracting investments.

The detailed regulation plan of the area around the Business and Sports Center envisions the construction of a hotel as well. The city plans to enable the construction of a functional complex for various sports and recreation activities. This section of the land is meant for investors.

The reasoning behind such a solution, according to the authorities, is that a pool whose construction is in progress is located in close proximity to the site. The location for the pool has been chosen due to the discovery of a thermal borehole, enabling the development of a true tourist center in the location.
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