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Apartment in settlement "Belville" (University Village) in Block 67 in New Belgrade to represent ”best value for money“ at Belgrade’s real estate market?

The price of square meter of apartment in Complex "Belville" will be defined and announced when the retail pavilion is opened in the complex in Block 67 and sales start, which is expected next month. Company "Block 67 Associates" has announced that, before official commencement of sales, it will neither accept reservations nor make “waiting lists”, and it will not allow any buyer of apartment to “transfer, sell or allot his right on the real estate" before it is registered at his name.

If “some form of such unexpected trade chain" appears, Slobodan Mihajlović, executive manager of company "Block 67 Associates", which is the project investor, points out that the company will withhold the right to break the contract with the buyer and return apartment(s) to the market.

- We can not allow anyone to trade in apartments during construction or to reserve or buy, for example, 5 apartments in order to resell them. We would not like such activities to compromise our reputation and, in the end, damage interested clients. Every contract will include this clause –Mihajlović pointed out in the talk with the editors of "eKapija" and added that "Block 67 Associates" was ready for realization of sale of 1854 apartments in Complex "Belville", which would be ready for tenants following the completion of “University Games 2009" in Belgrade, for the needs of which that settlement would be used.

(Slobodan Mihailović)

The company has already trained the team of young people, sellers advisers, who will have only one task once the sale starts – to serve the client in a quality way and not to let him go home without the answer he required, and not any answer, as Mihajlović points out, but only the correct answer. Therefore, the training for sellers advisers includes frequent visits to the building site, in order to enable them completely “understand” which materials are built in the facilities and in what way.

- We will start the sale by opening “showroom“ facility. The showroom pavilion is in the final phase of preparations and potential buyers will there be able to see an apartment-exhibit in original size and with the final treatment that will be implemented in all facilities. In the second part of the showroom pavilion, potential buyers will be able to get all the necessary information from our specially trained advisers – from built-in materials, specific characteristics of construction, to standard, but important details. Our advisers will have one powerful “weapon” in their hands – the software that is especially designed for this occasion, so that they will have insight into number and structure of available apartments at any moment and they will be able to prepare plans and all documentation the clients need on the spot –Mihajlović explains and points out that the apartments in complex "Belville" have been designed according to internationally acknowledged ISO standards, which are different from former JUS, so that potential buyers will most certainly have many questions to ask.

(Team of advisers)

As Mihajlović explains, the sale of apartments will be carried out without mediation of the real estate agency, at least in the first period, and it should be carried out without unnecessary crowds and holdups.

- We have decided to enter sales with our retail service, in order to have absolute control of what we do. The sale of over 4,000 products is not an easy thing to do in any field. When the sales start, we will introduce a phone line for all the interested to be able to schedule a meeting with our advisers in the complex and get all required information. We will force that way of trade, and the meetings will be scheduled in chronological order. We will also have a web page to be used by the potential buyers to find the information they need or to schedule a meeting with our advisers. That site will be very illustrative and informative, so that we expect much information to be given in this way and crowds to be avoided. We are thinking about determining weekends, that is, Saturdays and Sundays, as the days when showroom pavilion will be "opened" for what is called "watching". The selling process will be very simple. All clients who choose an apartment, garage, parking space or outlet will pay a certain amount to reserve it. The clients who pay in cash will end the process by signing the contract some time after the agreed amount is paid. The clients who want to take a mortgage loan to buy real estate will have longer period of reservation in order to be able to calmly go through the procedure that is necessary for the documentation to be collected and loan approved – says Mihajlović and points out that it is possible that, after “some time”, authorized agents will be included in the business.

In case some agencies are included in the trade, says Mihajlović, that will be another “technological innovation” in the domain of trade in real estates on Serbian market.

- Authorized agents will be able to make on-line reservations while sitting at their homes, and to send client to the showroom pavilion where he will be able to do all the formalities. If we decide for these moves, we will probably choose one of the two variants. One of them is to give certain number of housing units to the authorized agency to sell them within certain period of time, and the second is to allot specific segment of products to them –Mihajlović explains.

Mihajlović points out that a great interest is expressed in the apartment in Complex Belville. In addition to individuals, institutions and companies are also very interested, partially because they believe that the price per square meter will be favorable.

- We have still not defined the starting price per square meter, but I am sure that it will represent excellent value for the quality. In addition to quality and beauty of the residential space, the buyer will also get specific quality of life within the very complex. Functionality is what I would like to put the emphasis on. We know that such vast space has sense only when it is filled with contents, life and feelings. That will be an additional value we want to offer to our clients and, at this moment, that value can be realized or imagined only by small number of them. Therefore, we want to help our clients even after they move in their apartments with the maintenance of the entire complex because we firmly believe that good maintenance can only have positive effect on the values of their apartments in the future – Mihajlović explains.

- Every building will have two large elevators that will enable exceptionally fast communication with all levels of the building. In that way, garage will be directly connected to the higher floors. The whole complex will have generators that will be turned on in case of power failures. That is not an innovation, but legal obligation, but the quantity and arrangement of these generators are something we are proud of, because they will enable undisturbed work of over 60 elevators in the settlement, as well as light and vent systems in all garages. The time between tenant’s arrival in the settlement and his or her entrance to the apartment will be the record time for New Belgrade. If there is 0.7 garage per apartment in the old part of the city, that ratio in the complex amounts to 1.27 garages and parking places per apartment - Mihajlović explains and adds that the prices will be modified during the selling process according to the phases of construction and market trends.

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