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Construction of bridges, squares, tunnels, garages – eKapija investigates which projects Belgrade is looking at

The famous meeting spots in Belgrade – Slavija and Vukov Spomenik, will soon get a new look. Although people of Belgrade might be interested in these locations the most, they are only a small part of the city projects planned for the period to come.

The Belgrade Land Development Public Agency presented the largest ongoing or planned projects a little over a month ago. Among them are laying down tram tracks on the Ada Bridge, construction of a trolley and bus turn in Dunavska Streeet, reconstruction of the Terazije Terrace, a bridge at Ada Huja, development of the Republic Square, thorough reconstruction of the Old Sava Bridge...

What can people of Belgrade expect and when?

The Agency's projects are sorted in sections and eKapija presents them to you as such.

Trams will go across the Ada Bridge (Photo:

“Belgrade Waterfront”

The plans include the reconstruction of the Old Sava Bridge, the construction of access routes to the Belgrade Waterfront, laying down tram tracks on the Ada Bridge (according to the Agency, the contractors agreement should be signed in mid-December) and the construction of the Savska Padina-Dunavska Padina tunnel.

The future tunnel, which will connect the Sava amphitheater and the Danube coastal area, will start being defined in spring 2017. Two conceptual solutions (with elements of a preliminary plan), whose preparation began in early October, will be reveled by then. The job has been awarded to CeS COWI Belgrade, along with joint bidders Geo-dita Belgrade and Makspro Belgrade. The Agency aims to have the works start in spring 2018, and for the tunnel to be completed in 2021. The project is worth EUR 110 million (VAT not included).

“Outer Tangent”

This section entails the bridge on the Danube from Ada Huja to Pancevo Road, the development of Patrijarha Pavla Street (the plan for which has been prepared), the development of Borska Street (aiming to, among other things, solve the issue of traffic congestion around the Stepa Stepanovic neighborhood) and Pere Velimirovica Street, as well as the outer tangent from the highway to Kralja Aleksandra Blvd.

“Identity-Mobility-Ecology” – Decision on development of Republic Square soon

New look for Obilicev Venac Street (Photo:
The “Identity-Mobility-Ecology” project encompasses several activities in the center of Belgrade.

The first part of the development of Kosancicev Venac Street and Obilicev Venac Street has been completed and the second phase is expected to begin these days.

Furthermore, the project also entails the development of Karadjordjeva Street (from Branko's Bridge to Pariska Street), the development of the port terminal next to Karadjordjeva Street, the construction of a walkway to the Sava Wharf and the development of Marsala Birjuzova Street and Sremska Street.

As well, there's the plan of turning the Republic Square into a pedestrian zone, excluding public transport vehicles and bicycles, along with the expansion of Makedonska Street and Kolarceva Street. The contest for the studio to prepare the technical documentation has just ended (the submission deadline was November 2), and the winner should be revealed by the end of the month.

The “Identity-Mobility-Ecology” project also includes the development of the Terazije Terrace and Nusiceva Street.

“Slavija and Vracar”

The construction of the long awaited fountain on the Slavija Square has been awarded to PMC Inzenjering (following a complaint and a temporary suspension of the tender), and City Manager Goran Vesic announced that the works might start this month.

The planned Slavija span (Photo:
This section also entails the development of the Slavija Square to Kataniceva Street, as well as the development of Bore Stankovica Street.

“Parks and squares” – Construction workers at Vukov Spomenik in summer 2017

The grand projects of the Belgrade land Development Public Agency include the reconstruction of underground passageways (request for tender issued several days ago), the reconstruction of Bezistan (conceptual design contest ongoing), the development of the area around Vukov Spomenik and the park at the Jugoslavija hotel.

The area around Vukov Spomenik should be integrated with the existing park, with trees and green areas preserved and flower boxes and the remaining area enriched with additional greenery. A public call for the preparation of technical documentation is in progress, and the opening of bids has been scheduled for November 30, 2016. Provided that all stages are completed within the deadline, the works should start in July 2017.

The future look of the park at New Belgrade's Jugoslavija hotel will be revealed next year, and the tender for the preparation of technical documentation is in progress. The agreement with planners will be signed this December.

Branko's Bridge (Photo: Suzana Obradović)

“Reconstruction of traffic routes”

This section encompasses four great jobs – reconstruction of Branko's Bridge, reconstruction of Kneza Milosa Street (from Kralja Aleksandra Blvd to Nemanjina Street), reconstruction of Francuska Street and moving the open shopping center (popularly called “The Flee Market”) out of New Belgrade's block 42. The Flee Market is to remain in New Belgrade, but the new location has not yet been determined.

“Block 42”

The Agency's plans also include block 42, i.e. the bus station and terminals. According to Mayor Sinisa Mali, the construction is expected to start this spring.

“Prokop”, “Dunavska”

Among the planned projects is the development of the access route to the Prokop station, as well as the construction of the Dunavska Street bus terminal, which will enable trolleys to be moved from the Studentski Trg Street.


The completion of the project of collectors and interceptors (the construction of remaining sections) is planned, as well as the construction of a drainage station in the area of Veliko Selo and another collector (Emergency Service – Venizelosova Street).

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